Extra Expanded Text Ads


AdWords Ads:
With more companies advertising on a daily basis through Google AdWords it is seen that competition and prices are starting to rise. This means that to be seen higher up on a page new strategies must be created to ensure maximum return on investment. While the best strategy is not always to be number 1 on the page, as your company pays more for a click, you must stay competitive in an effort to keep ahead of the competition. Creating ads that are tailored specifically for your customers will help improve conversion rates and ensure that less money is spent on wasted clicks. This means that adding special promotions, discounts or unique advantages will help differentiate your company from the rest. Your ads must stick in the minds of customers in order to create a return.

A New Ad:
With a more recent update, we saw small standard text ads changed to expanded text ads. These ads allowed for a second header along with a more expanded look to your company’s “online advertising real estate”. With this expansion, however we saw Google reduce the number of ads being shown on a page. This means that the costs go up depending on the industry but the return could be more dominant if your company gets more clicks and conversions due to the larger ad sizes. The standard ads that are smaller in nature still do show at times but they are usually overpowered by the larger expanded text ads. With this, your company can no longer change standard text ads and have to adjust all to expanded if they need to be adjusted. By not adjusting to the expanded text ads your company will suffer as smaller ads mean less clicks and lower conversion rates.

New Larger Expanded Ads:
Google is once again looking to change up AdWords with the new shift of extra expanded text ads. This means that if the testing works and they are rolled out companies can utilize 2 headers and 2 “80-character description lines”. This means that less space will be available for company ads showcasing less per page. The competition is increased if Google decides to roll all these out, which will not be for some time. Through testing so far it has been said that the longer expanded text ads have a slightly lower CTR compared to the expanded text ads but this could help companies with better conversions. There is always a thin line between too much ad copy and the the right amount. While longer expanded text ads could help with positioning and dominance it means that customers may not read all the ad copy if there is too much.

Always Adapting:
Google is always looking to adapt and make sure that companies are getting the most out of their advertising dollars. This is why AdWords is always being adapted and adjusted to make it more user and customer friendly. They are always looking to test new products and features that will help make advertising easier. Whether more statistics, larger ads, a new interface and much more. Companies need to realize that with the shift towards more online searches and purchases one of the best ways to reach new customers is through Google AdWords. You are able to easily control your costs, determine spend, what phrases should allow your ads to show up and what ad copies will help with improving sales. With larger ads to help deliver a higher conversion rate for companies it will only help with making sure ads are up to par with the competition. Only time will tell if Google decides whether or not extra-long extended ads are something that will work better while making sure other companies can still see high conversion rates as well.

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