This Social Media giant is always looking for ways to improve the atmosphere within their platform. With more content being placed on news feeds every day, Facebook has been trying to constantly update this part of the channel to help encourage more people to want to use it rather than getting frustrated. Facebook Ads are one of the most frustrating part of this as more companies are trying to push themselves just to be seen. The issue at times is many ads are not up to par with many being non-inviting or not appealing. This hinders the overall Facebook experience and many ignore.

Ads On News Feeds and Right Hand Side:
Ads are all over Facebook, some are good, many are not well made. With more Ads constantly popping up this causes the users experience become more negative as load times are increased and most ads are not always what users are looking for/relates to them. What users do not want is to be bombarded with useless information or products and something that Facebook is listening towards.

Advertising Experience:
All that users want to have is control over what they see and what they do. When it comes to new updates, Facebook is moving towards the path of allowing users to create their own experience through the platform, helping Facebook to collect even more data on user interactions with news and Ad types. By moving in this direction users will be more willing to continue using their service and allow the platform to become more valuable for companies when it comes to advertising.

Always Improving:
What’s great is how Facebook is constantly learning new things about its users. New controls are continually being set into place as an effort to make the overall experience better. By developing new and improved algorithms they can help develop new formats for Ads allowing a more unique experience that is different from other channels. More interactive Ads would help in developing more of an overarching approach to advertising for companies and allow for unique approaches to bringing in more customers.

Ads That Are Tailored:
While currently we see that Ads are chosen based on various targeting options, it is not always the most accurate way to spend money wisely for companies as at times the targeting is still too broad. Facebook is working on better ways to make sure that a company’s Ads are truly targeted towards the users they want and not wasting money on users who would never be interested.

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