Facebook Advertising:
When it comes to Social Media platforms, Facebook is one of the most prevalent of them all. While is has started to growing in terms of advertising reputation there is still lots of growth that needs to continue before this form of marketing overtakes other channel platforms such as Google AdWords. While it does offer very tailored images, videos and ways to directly create improved ROI at a cheaper cost than most channels, the growth in popularity is causing clicks to become higher. With the large variety of options for metric tracking available, Facebook is doing well with building its advertising portion of the platform.

Live Video:
While other platforms offer instant reach through video, Facebook not too long ago developed and released its Live Video for the platform. This means users can watch people or companies as they are speaking in the moment. This was a smart move on Facebook’s part in the effort to help improve continued growth along with keeping users on the platform for even longer periods of time. While Advertising on Facebook is beginning to grow in popularity it is hard to imagine what it was like before the bombardment on the right hand site and sponsored news feed Ads. Facebook does need to make money and it seemed perfect as many companies are seeing the potential for long term success.

Live Video Ads:
Live video is taking over Facebook and with such it was bound to happen that they would want Ads to be placed within said videos. Facebook is currently in the process of testing ad formats that could fit into the live videos, during breaks in between and only be about 15 seconds long. Of course there is a lot of logistics that should be worked out but users can choose what Ads they want the viewers to see. They will be sourced from a handful of Ads and throughout the broadcast be shown to the viewers of the live video.

Pushing for More Use:
Facebook’s thought process to add Ads within live videos is a strategic one in an effort to encourage more broadcasters of the new service. This can be an interesting model especially because companies will have to bid for the small portion of the community that will use the live video service and has a large enough audience reach. If Facebook can develop a structured model for well-known figures to use the live video feature they could be compensated for doing such. The great idea behind live video is also that instant feedback can be seen on how viewers are interacting with the live videos but also provide enough of a look into how the service can be improved for both those watching and those being watched.

A Look Forward:
While Facebook is slowly building up its Advertising section with tailored image ads, event invitations/signups, videos and soon to be within live videos, it does not hurt to wonder whether Facebook will soon develop on the search portion of their platform. Over the last few years the search bar has gone from just being able to find people all the way to viewing news and information from the web all within the Facebook atmosphere. With this comes the thought that eventually they will build on this to help with promoted search Ads for companies in an effort to capture even more of the advertising market.

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