Farther Reach: Google Forwarding Numbers Come To Canada!


Connect, Google forwardingalling: When it comes to businesses both local and internationally it is important to help track phone calls separated by clicks to a website. In the past we have seen this completed in numerous ways, some involving different numbers for adwords and website traffic while others through various campaigns such as Call-only. Today marks the forward step to Google Forwarding numbers in Canada!

An Important Step: Google forwarding numbers coming to Canada is an important step in the growth and potential of the market itself. Google knows that it is very important for customers to reach businesses with a simple phone call in a flash as everyone is always on the move during their busy days. By extending this call forwarding ability it is not only helping the online advertising market in Canada but helping businesses reach new levels in an effort to help push them to make smarter decisions to spend their monthly budgets.

Measurement: For call forwarding to truly create business growth it is important for said businesses to measure the approach and track its statistics. Google is providing enough information to its users such as a callers area code, call duration, and if the call itself was answered or not. It is no surprise that Google is rolling out the forwarding numbers to more places, as advertisers want more information while customers want to call phone numbers with recognizable area codes. This is a win-win for everyone as more statistics are tracked for better strategy decisions and customers reach businesses faster.

Better Results: When it comes to call results it is always more viable as an options for companies and advertisers. This is because when a business has the opportunity to speak with a potential customer it provides more of an approach to create connections and relationships. Many businesses can have beautiful websites but when a customer visits, usually no connections are made. By adding calls and tracking them better this means that companies can easily grow results.

Website calls: When it comes to customers clicking on search ads, learning more about products/service and your company there should be an easy was to connect through the phone. Making your number visible helps with this and it is important to know that with the addition of Google forwarding, website call conversions are powerful in that the number from the previous mentioned, is added into your website only after a Google search click. This means that even after the click your company will know whether he call was from Google ads or organically.

At Your Rate: When looking to add Google forwarding and adding conversion tracking, it is important to note that a business can assign the value they see fit. For some businesses they want to see how many calls they received that were 2 minutes or more while others 10. Adding various tracking conversions means your business can easily differentiate what you consider a conversion along with assigning values to each. This helps with targeting better leads and spending more money on those that are willing to convert.

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