G.R.O.W Summit 2017


On Tuesday, March 21st BreezeMaxWeb was invited to attend Google's G.R.O.W Summit at the Google office in Toronto. The purpose of the summit was based on the acronym G.R.O.W - Grow, Retain, Optimize and Win surrounding the customer journey, new betas and virtual reality to name a few. Helping our clients with the emerging new technology sector is a virtue we hold closely in our beliefs. Being witness to some of Google's latest betas will also allow our digital agency to cater our digital advertising programs and platforms as first mover advantages and give our client base an advantage over their competition. Virtual reality was also a hot topic of discussion and we're optimistic but very excited to see where this new technology will take mankind. BreezeMaxWeb was honoured to be invited as an exclusive Premier Google Partner to the G.R.O.W summit, we currently aren't at liberty to disclose info. on some of the betas and new technology we were privy to, but rest assured BreezeMaxWeb as always will lead the charge once these new technologies are released to our marketing agency.

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