Gilpin's Pest Control

Gilpins Pest Control is a family-owned business that has been around for over 35 years. They service the Lower Mainland and British Columbia Interior by helping remove pests of all types. The expert team at Gilpins help their customers manage seasonal pest infestation, as well as offer preventative solutions to prevent pests from inhabitation. Gilpins also prides themselves on using the least/lowest toxic pesticide solutions possible in order to remain environmentally friendly.


Before engaging BreezeMaxWeb on January 31, 2017. Gilpins Pest Control was having trouble with several things with their online presence:

  • Their website was outdated and was not user friendly across all user interfaces.
  • They had issues generating substantial high quality leads.
  • No proper conversion tracking or analytics was installed.
  • There was a lack of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services, meaning that their page was not near the top rankings on Google.
  • Their Click Through Rate (CTR) was above average for Google search, but there were still some improvements to be made.


Gilpins Pest Control was looking to receive more customer traffic as well as increase the amount of phone calls inquiries for their services. It was recognized that because the traffic was outdated and not mobile friendly, they were having trouble generating online traffic and conversions. BreezeMaxWeb realized that something more had to be done to create a more prominent online presence for Gilpins Pest Control.


The SEO and SEM Analysts at BreezeMaxWeb developed an approach to implement the latest digital marketing tactics to increase traffic and conversions to the Gilpins Pest Control website. Some of these tactics included:

  • Redesigning the website and making it easier for users to navigate across desktop and mobile devices.
  • Developing an AdWords campaign with pay per click advertising for directing traffic to their website.
  • Doing SEO and SEM marketing to optimize the website.
  • Conducting keyword research that relates to Gilpins Pest Control services, especially before the summer season which is considered an active part of the year for the exterminator business.

Execution Strategy

While redesigning the website, the SEO team performed keyword research and optimized the site's landing pages to help improve organic searches in Google. Once the optimized website was launched, they developed an AdWords campaign that lead to users getting directed to their site. Another way that our team helped build an online presence for Gilpins Pest Control was:


Adding high quality site content to the web pages and the blog.


Performing on-site SEO by maximizing keywords and optimizing the content to be relevant to the business.


Making the website user friendly with conversion points visible on each page.


Adding backlinks to important sites so that the website will have a higher domain authority over its competitors.


Installing conversion and analytic tracking.


Filling out ad extensions such as callouts, site links and location.


Added settings to benefit from the machine learning the Google enables such as (E-CPC bidding, optimized ads based on conversion etc.)


Once the new website was launched and the digital marketing tactics were implemented, there was a significant increase in conversions. Glipins Pest Control ordered more keywords to broaden their conversion rates and the keyword research led to many new phrases that were relevant and resulted in conversions being made at a lower cost per click (CPC), and a consistent improvement in all measurable metrics. As a result 4,700 sessions were recorded with 83% of them being new users. Three of their keywords made it to the first page of Google, and the other keywords were ranking higher than they were at the beginning of the SEO campaign. In addition to that, the AdWords were edited to make full of use of the character limits while providing the relevant information, ensuring a high quality score.

This graph labels a steady and consistent increase in Google rankings for Gilpins Pest Control since May 2017.

Session: a session is a group of interactions that a user takes within a certain time frame on the website.

Users: a user is anyone that is browsing the website, whether they are a returning visitor or a new one.

Pageviews: this is defined as a user's view on a page.

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