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Google is being more integrated into our everyday business and social life than ever. Google aims to organize world's information and make it accessible to users anywhere, anytime.

Google Workspace includes all of the Google essentials that can help you to run a successful business. With this exclusive Google service, you can take advantage of Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar, giving you the tools you need to take your company further.

Google Cloud is one of the most ideal and beneficial Google services for any business. Google Cloud offers the chance to maximize the services of your website, giving you the freedom to use only what you need when it comes to storage, computing, networking, data processing and analytics.

DoubleClick is a company acquired by Google that provides and develops Internet ad serving services. It helps advertisers bid on display advertising over the Internet.

Yahoo specializes in the Internet and computer software including its web portal, search engine, Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Directory.

Bing is a platform that focuses on giving people "knowledge for doing" in a more predictive, natural and personal way.

YouTube lets billions of people discover, watch and share originally-created videos. YouTube provides a forum for users to network, inform, and inspire others across the world.

Facebook is a popular social networking platform which allows users to post comments, share photographs and links to content on the Web. It also allows people to chat live, play games and stream live video.

Instagram allows users to take photos and enables them to share pictures either publicly or privately on the app.

LinkedIn is a social networking site designed for businesses. The purpose of this site is to allow registered users to document and establish networks of people they know of and trust, in a professional manner.

Twitter is an online social networking service which enables users to read and write messages known as "tweets".

Pinterest is a special bookmarking tool that allows you to discover and save interesting, creative ideas.

Sales Force is a cloud computing provider that is famous for its Customer Relationship Management product. It allows businesses to track customers' information effectively and provides them with features that support marketing, sales etc.

ZedPed is a video promotion company servicing various clients through BreezeMaxWeb while utilizing BreezeViral and BreezeTube.

MailChimp is a simple email marketing software that provides us with several easy options to design, send and save templates of our emails.

WordPress is an open source website creation tool designed in PHP. It is the most powerful blogging and website content management system that exists today.

Divi is a popular theme used by WordPress. Presently, hundreds of thousands of agencies and WordPress freelancers make use of Divi to help operate their growing businesses.

Stripe is the best online credit card processor for small businesses. It helps you manage your business in a friendly and simple way.

PayPal is a service that allows you to make payments, send money, and accept payments without disclosing your financial details. PayPal is the world's largest online payment network that serves more than 20 million members across 38 countries.

HostGator is a powerful Web Hosting System that offers dedicated web hosting, virtual private server etc.

GoDaddy is a web hosting company and an Internet domain registrar that helps users register domain names in a quick, simple, and affordable way.

With the mission to provide people with a premium product and care, Canadian Web Hosting specializes in web-hosting business from around the world. Their technology allows for businesses to securely store their data on the cloud.

BreezeMaxLabs is our internal incubator where we build some really cool stuff based on clients requests. Whether it's an online portal, CRM, or complex mobile app, BreezeMaxLabs is always ready.

CatchIt Mobile Prospect Manager is the world's easiest tool to help salespeople capture and manage prospect information, from contact to close. Check it out at www.catchitmpm.com

Tenix is the most attractive resident/tenant portal for condominium and apartment complexes. Loved by Property Managers, Security Guards, and Concierges, Tenix is the fastest rising solution across Canada. Check it out at www.mytenix.com

One of the best ways to develop a single page application, AngularJS is a program used to framework web applications. It was developed by Google to be an open-source program which can be maintained by various businesses and individuals.

For over ten years, Magento has lead the way as one of the best open-source e-commerce platforms available today!

Moneris was created as a joint investment between RBC and BMO Bank of Montreal (including Harris Bank) in December 2000. By maintaining the tradition of security and strength of our parent banks, today Moneris is Canada's #1 processor, and one of North America's largest.

Yelp! was named the #1 review site for finding local businesses by consumers. By utilizing this website, you can be seen by more people looking for the services that your business offers, and gain new customers as 79% of users go through with a purchase within a week of searching through Yelp!

Shopify lets you bring your business online. Whether you are starting a new business or bringing your old business into the digital world, Shopify is a great way to create an ecommerce website that helps you find new customers and drive sales.

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