Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership


For the past 8 years, BreezeMaxWeb has been Canada's leading online marketing agency as a Google Partner. We're now proud and excited to announce BreezeMaxWeb has evolved and has been promoted to a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner. We've gone above and beyond the industry standards in helping small and medium sized businesses grow across Canada and are humbled to be recognized as a candidate for the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner.

Over the years, BreezeMaxWeb has strictly followed every benchmark and policy to have earned this new Google endorsement and partnership. By having a large national existing customer base, sales and training support system and hands on campaign management and marketing guidance, BreezeMaxWeb's experience and credibility speaks for itself!

Starting in January 2016, BreezeMaxWeb will be providing opportunities to existing and potential clients with the latest insights into Google products and tools, but most importantly bring the best marketing plans and results to businesses across Canada to ensure they have an equal opportunity to achieve their business goals. The team here at BreezeMaxWeb is determined to gain this exclusive partnership and will be working our butts off to accomplish this mission.

Bring on 2016...

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