BreezeMaxWeb is well-versed in strategic marketing as we have built online marketing campaigns and branded hundreds of our clients. With a 93% client retention rate, our work speaks for itself. Our marketing consultants will help you handle things like: Google AdWords, Display Advertising, Branding Strategy, and Product Differentiation.

There is no reason that as a business owner that you should have to run your business and also handle your own marketing/social media campaign. Let our SPEAK TO A MARKETING EXPERT TODAY! GET IN TOUCH


Schools are very specialized and will usually cater to an even more specialized clientele. When a potential client wants to do research into prospective schools they use Google to narrow down the hundreds schools they could attend. When they do that research, it is paramount that your institute is on the first page of Google as 92% of Google searches will not move past the first page. BreezeMaxWeb with a combination of off page and on page SEOcan get you to the front page. If you are interested, click below to start your free SEO test.

Internet Marketing Experts:

Having marketing consultants originating from all over the world, we are one of the most diverse, multi-lingual online marketing companies in North America. There has been a huge influx of international students attending Canadian / American schools. Due to our diversity, many of our consultants hail from different countries and will be able to help those foreign students. Need a consultant to speak in your native language? We can cover that as our reps know a combined 20 languages. Let our marketing consultants create plan for your school!


Higher Education Marketing


"I tried to do Google Advertising with another company but my AdWords campaign ended up costing me $500 per conversion! Due to this, I started to shop around for another company and found BreezeMaxWeb by attending one of their digital events in Vaughan. Not only was it fun and informational, but it led me to see the true quality and expertise BreezeMaxWeb brought to the forefront. Their marketing consultants and expert tech team created a fantastic marketing campaign for us. Since they specialize in lead capture and data mining, they were eventually able to bring my cost per conversion down to $150. Now, they handle all my online marketing for me and I can get back to running my institute."

Joanne Dice

Principal, Haute Couture Academy of Fashion Fine Arts & Design


Higher Education Marketing
Higher Education Marketing

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