How Automation can Maximize SEO Performance


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) automation strategies are emerging as one of the most popular trends of 2019. According to a study, more than 60% of global marketers are focusing on achieving measurable results with carefully planned and conceived automation strategies which will result in unmatched SEO performance.

To de-code what and how automation can boost your website’s performance, it is imperative to understand what automation means. When it comes to driving traffic to your website, SEO is the most efficient and effective way to do so. SEO can be done either manually or through automation, wherein you can use software to implement SEO strategies into a website. Automated SEO is beneficial for many reasons. Firstly, it is extremely time efficient and economical. Secondly, it can handle tedious and time-consuming tasks like site audits in minimum time. Whether you want to check broken links or keyword density, tags, and Meta content, an SEO platform can do it in less than half the time and effort making your work much less time-consuming. With automated SEO you can be sure of getting the most accurate and updated data on your keyword rankings at all times, simply at a click of a button. Lastly, SEO automated platforms and software enable you to schedule SEO tasks, saving you even more time.

Here are some ways you can achieve optimum SEO performance through automation:

For any automation, content is the king. Having content that seems like a conversation will help an automated software or platform to detect your website content as the best possible source to be featured on the SERP. Consider adding longer-tail keywords and a question and answer format. They are more likely to rank through Instant Answers and as the best voice response.

Voice search:
With several voice-enabled devices available today, it is little surprise that integrating speech detection in your app or on-site, wherever possible, can greatly improve your SEO ranking. Integrate a voice command functionality in your website to expand a hands-free convenience to your searcher.

Using descriptive text:
Users that may face challenges hearing your audio/visual content (such as a YouTube video describing your products and services) can be supported by creating optimal descriptive text through AI. It can also help if you can classify distinct types of content bettering SEO and enabling accessibility.

Using intelligent automation:
Use the right kind of automation platform and SEO tactics as per your industry to gain the maximum benefit. Ideally, it wouldn’t be prudent to rely completely on automation without an experienced and knowledgeable SEO agency to help you strategize the automation correctly.

Although automation can pave the way to exponential growth for your business, there are still a few limitations to completely shifting your SEO strategies onto automated platforms. If not used appropriately, automated SEO can create low-quality backlinks, jeopardizing your site and attracting a penalty. Many SEO tools are constructed to focus on quantity rather than quality, which can be an issue in the long run. If you want to get the best of both manual and automated SEO, it is important to engage the best digital marketing agency in Canada.

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