How do PPC and great content work together?


Great content is the life and blood of Paid Per Click campaigns. We cannot stress enough on the importance of great content for your PPC. You may have the most impeccable product with the most state-of-the-art features, but if your potential audience is oblivious to your offering, there wouldn’t be any traction as far as the revenue spinning is concerned. We are sure you have already heard the usual two cents of advice as far as PPC is concerned - Focus on improving quality score and click-through rates, modify the account structure, use negative keywords etc. There is no doubt about the impressive results that these tactics can produce, but the true essence of a successful PPC campaign is ‘Great Content.

The Great Content Story:
So you may be wondering how content can influence your PPC campaign? Wouldn’t that be like saying that buying Google ads improves organic search ranking? Quality content benefits paid media. It is an extremely prudent way to drive exposure to your content. Here’s how:

Use PPC to drive traffic:
Did you know that over 4 billion blog posts are published each day in cyberspace? Most of them have a pre-established audience. Amidst tough competition, it is imperative to have an underlying strategy to drive traffic to your website. This is where PPC campaigns work their charm. PCC provides the much necessary leverage to drive traffic to your website in the primitive stages of your development and also garner some revenue. Moreover, getting to know your potential audience through this traffic is an incidental advantage. Killing two birds with one stone we say! Along with PPC when you have exemplary content that establishes you as a thought leader, it is the perfect recipe. The idea is to focus on campaigns with the same keywords. Content is for information and PPC is for conversion.

PPC to create loyalty:
Ask an Apple loyalist and they will tell you how they automatically gravitate towards Apple products no matter how cheaper and better options the market may contain. It's the power of the brand. PPC help to drive organic listings because people are more likely to remember the brands if they have seen the advertisement, especially in future searches. To top it, if you have a fabulously written piece on how you can solve their challenge, voila! You just created a thought follower. If you have two listings on the same page, the click-through rate increases, consecutively increasing the brand affinity of the visitor.

Landing page experience:
You may probably think that Toronto’s best SEO agency thrives on their SEO acumen alone, but in reality, they too are all about content. Sure they know the tricks and tips to offer the best landing page experience to the browser, make easy to navigate menus and adding appropriate Meta tags that are conducive to Google search results, but if the browsing experience is not an impressive story, all is in vain. A visitor who just clicked through your PPC may just exit your site while you paid for the visit. Remember to strengthen your site content, and lead the visitor through engagement, information and results to make that visit count.

Leveraging your keywords for targeted content, even for your PPC campaign, is the oldest trick in the book, but it works like a charm. It is one feature that SEO and PPC share. Research on keywords that drive maximum traffic and leverage your PPC with the keyword. Alternatively, you can use your ad copy that is performing well to design your content. Maintain a successful keyword repository so you can repeat the success with winning keywords. By now, we hopefully have proved beyond doubt that in spite of paying a lot of money for a great looking PPC campaign, if you are not getting the necessary traction, it's the content. Make content the main hero of your PPC campaign and you will see tangible results earlier than you expect. Toronto’s best SEO agency, BreezeMaxWeb, can help you to produce visible results by aligning your content strategy and PCC campaigns.

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