How Online Marketing can Boost E-commerce Businesses


If you are an e-commerce business, harnessing the power of various online marketing tools is the best way for you to engage customers and drive revenue. As an e-commerce entrepreneur, your ultimate goal is to have people visit your site and buy the products and services that you are providing. But how? As easy as it sounds, getting a potential customer to click on that “buy now” button can be rather challenging if you are not following the right approach to the market and build your brand the right way. Here are our top seven hacks to building a rather impressive e-commerce business and making sure it drives customers for you

Crafting an original content marketing campaign

The first step to getting a site visitor is building a marketing campaign that makes your business look reliable and trustworthy. When it comes to online marketing, content can make or break brands. Asking the right questions and providing high-quality content is the key. This means you need to employ a reputed and experienced content marketing agency to write and promote content for you. Publishing high-quality and relevant content, based on research and understanding, can not just drive and inspire site visitors, but also retain your audience. Blogs and features that come with a call to action like where to click for more information can work like breadcrumbs for your potential customer to visit your site and check what you have to offer. Make sure you speak to a professional SEO company like Breezemaxweb Inc., to make sure your website is SEO friendly.

The social media and email way

Once the content is ready, make sure to link it to your social media profiles like on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others. Tying your high-quality content to your social media handles will inspire your friends and followers to share, comment and like it. Digital newsletters are another creative way to build customer loyalty. Newsletters help to engage your customers and create a buzz. Informative and well-researched newsletter content builds your brand image and reputation in the industry. Moreover, publishing regular, well written and researched content on your website and newsletters on a regular basis helps to build brand loyalty in the industry.

SEO and link building

E-commerce businesses thrive on good Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO will ensure high visibility of your services and products on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Ranking top in search results generates more traffic (read visitors) to your website. To get optimal results, make sure that contents have well written meta descriptions, meta titles and keywords, such that they promote your business to the audience when they research online.

Well conceived link building activity that involves writing quality content and sharing a link to your web page through the content for audiences will help to boost site visits, increase your customer base, and enhance your website’s domain authority. All this will help to improve your search result ranking.

Garnering traffic from PPC

E-commerce businesses can increase organic traffic from search engines by opting for search engine marketing.

Mobile First

Studies have shown that over one-third of online purchases are made by people through their mobile. Any website in today’s world needs to make sure that they look and work just as great on a mobile screen, as on a desktop. E-commerce websites are no exception. Having a mobile-friendly website will make your visitors want to browse through even when they are transiting. To ensure that this browsing ends in a cart order make sure to have a fast loading, responsive website with clear fonts and optimized menu and navigation. Make sure that you have made browsing easy and fast through your website.

Affiliate marketing

It is a great idea to use affiliate marketing to boost the customer base. Affiliate marketing can promote e-commerce business through various platforms such as paid traffic, email blast, blog posts, product or service reviews, among others. Moreover, affiliate marketing means that you only pay for a lead converted to a customer and not for website traffic.

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