How an SEO Agency can Implement E-commerce Analytics for a Bakery’s Website


A reputable SEO agency can help take your business to the next level because their services can increase sales and improve your level of success. An experienced agency will be able to take on any client, and the following guide will detail how an SEO agency implemented e-commerce analytics for a bakery’s website..

Setting Up Sales Analytics

Preparation is key, and both Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics must be used to set up a sales analytics system on the website. Once the tools you will be using are established, the agency can begin setting up the necessary data and information to obtain accurate results. The first step is preparing triggers and tags in GTM. A tag is a JavaScript code that collects visitor data on a website and then transmits it to Google Analytics, while a trigger is a condition that decides when a specific tag needs to be activated or blocked.

Create Events

Once this step is complete, the agency should set up events on the bakery’s website, which need to be linked to specific elements so that they trigger data transmission to Google Analytics. Technical specifications can be created for programmers, which can link e-commerce events to elements. Once this has been finalized, Google Analytics must be used to ensure events run smoothly. To do this, the agency must review the event settings either by tracking orders and comparing data with Google Analytics when using a customer relationship manager for large e-commerce projects or by comparing data from email requests and sales data found in Google Analytics. The bakery can choose to send information on completed orders, and the agency can then use this to compare data.

Make Goals

Setting up goals in Google Analytics for the bakery’s website will be the next step, and these can include add to cart, purchase and opening the order page, for example. Not every goal has to be directly related to the sales funnel, so the agency can also set general website goals like Go to Instagram.

Optimization is Key

Optimizing the funnel will be the agency’s last step in this process, and this is considered the most exciting part, although there are several things you need to consider, including abandoned carts. This is the first thing you need to check so that you have an understanding of why bakery visitors add things to their cart but do not complete their transactions. You need to focus on why this is occurring and consider the effectiveness of your product cards at converting customers. The agency can help you make strategic and calculated changes so that your sales increase, and they can also help run different tests on your website to further improve sales.

Whether you run a bakery or are in another industry altogether, an SEO agency can help improve your sales and the experts at BreezeMaxWebspecialize in this service, so you can rely on our team for assistance. We will help you create the perfect website and will implement e-commerce analytics and so much more, so if you’re hungry for success, contact us today to learn more about our services!

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