How to Increase your Website's Chances of Featuring in Google Snippets


Finding a convenient, quick and easy answer to the simplest or most complex questions is probably one of your client's main objectives of a Google search. And if your website is offering that, you have already won half the battle. This is where Google snippets give you that extra edge. Today's Google results are much more than just links. Snippets are a smart feature that enhance your visibility and authority on a search result. Imagine that you have just searched a term or a phrase, and Google displays a step-by-step, easy to understand answer for just what you are looking for. Instinctively, you will click on the website associated with it. According to a study, Google snippets are likely to increase your website click rate by at least two times, which is phenomenal.

Definition of snippets:
Snippets are the first glimpse of information that appears under a Google search result. They are displayed under the search bar for quick access and ease of reference. Snippets are usually in bullet or list form, but can sometimes feature a short paragraph or a factual detail pertaining to the search term. Need reasons to invest in snippets? Here they are: • Optimum position - Snippets occupy the maximum space and top position. This position is referred to as ‘position zero.’ Increased exposure and traffic to your site are incidental benefits of this position. • Convenient browsing - Fancy getting a glimpse of a search result before going through the effort of clicking a link? We all do! • Quick access - This point is almost connected to the above, but yes, quick access to some information that you were searching for on the search page itself is not bad. • Ease of reading - Snippets make reading easy and comprehension simple, as compared to lengthy paragraphs. • SERP domination - While Google may pull content from ranked pages, it also pulls content from lower SERPs if the content is relevant • Building credibility - Nothing says 'I am an expert’more than quick, precise and helpful information, and snippets do just that for you. So how do we ensure that our website is optimized to be snippet friendly? It’s quite ironic that there is no ‘snippet-like’ guide to this. However, we have populated some tricks that can increase your chances.

Mind your words:
An HREF study has revealed that certain words like ‘recipe, best, Vs., make, definition,’ garner better chances of being featured in Google snippets. So the next time you want to write an interesting piece, consider using some of the above words for optimizing your chances.

Use analytics tool:
Use an analytics tool to monitor snippets that your competitors have written and track your own standing too. Once you know the keywords that featured snippets are using, you can optimize your content for the same keywords and voila! You have increased your chances with this simple trick.

Let Google do the work:
One of the critical aspects of realigning your website strategy is to think like your audience. Perform a Google search and observe the resulting content and the ‘people also ask section’ to determine what your audience is likely to search for. Think of technical or non-technical terms and try to incorporate the most generic terms in your content.

Build thought-leadership:
Thought-leadership is when you establish that you are there to answer all the questions that your audience may have around a topic. For instance, ‘how to make a pumpkin pie.’ If you answer with not just the process, but also some additional information about the process, possible alternatives and some improvisation tips, you just established that you are a ‘know it all’ on pumpkin pie. Focus on creating one solid article that answers a variety of questions.

Word count:
Make sure to maintain the optimal word count so that Google can easily feature your content. Generally, snippets are 40-50 words or four to five points. Make sure to adhere to this word count to increase your chances.

Formatting and images:
Finally, use appropriate formatting such as headers, bullets and sub-bullets to make the content structure solid. A well-written piece becomes drab if not presented well. Use appropriate eye-catching and relevant images to garner attention. Google snippets are the way forward if you want to stay ahead in the Google race. Having said that, remember that snippets are dynamic. Your position zero is not a confirmed and everlasting. If Google feels another page is more suited for the information, you may lose your spot. Keep updating your content to stay ahead.

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