How to Nurture Organic Leads


Generating organic leads is a critical component to online marketing success. It’s important to device a proper strategy to secure organic leads and nurture them.

What are Organic Leads?
Organic leads are potential consumers who search online for products and services. These leads and potential consumers are unaware of your brand or company. They search online on Google and other search engines, ask questions and are led to the right results through their keyword and key phrases search.

This is the reason why companies jostle each other to reach the top of the search engine results page (SERP). If your website is well optimized and ranks high on the Google search page, they will reach your website URL or click the paid ad.

It is important to generate a consistent flow of organic leads and nurture them. Not all of them will convert into your consumers on the first impression alone, but if you give them reasons to choose your services through sound marketing strategies, they may find a reason to visit your website and convert into valuable consumers. Satisfied consumers have the potential to turn into your brand advocates on social media, growing your audience through word-of-mouth referrals, help drive more website traffic as well as sales conversions.

About 80% of new organic leads never make purchases. Only companies who work towards lead nurturing are able to generate 50% more sales compared to leads that have not been nurtured. The more effort you put into nurturing leads, the more your marketing efforts will be rewarded. However, that’s easier said than done. It helps for you to employ a few tips to nurture organic leads.

Brand Awareness, Consideration, Decision
The typical consumer goes through three stages in the marketing funnel: awareness, consideration and decision. The journey from one to the other needs to be planned first, then monitored as the consumer moves forward until the purchase is made. Most consumers face hurdles at various stages. They need to be coaxed, educated and given enough reason to keep moving forward until the purchase is made.

Awareness: To create brand awareness, your marketing strategy should focus on providing answers or insight to the search questions. Focus on helpful tips to voice your authority on the subject, igniting their interest in your company. Share current trends, reviews, community developments and statistics.

Consideration: Share content that your leads may consider as possible solutions to their queries. Gently weave in your services into the content. At this stage, free e-guides, video demos, webinars and eBooks play a big role in keeping them intrigued and interested to know more.

Decision: Last but not least is to help them make the purchasing decision. Share case studies and product reviews from satisfied customers to convince them that they are making the right decision.

Before you begin this strategic journey, it is important to create buyer personas to identify your potential audience segments, spot their interests, cater to their lifestyle needs and plan your marketing strategy. Once they make the purchase, it is essential to measure the results of your strategy and see if you were on track.

Valuable Content on Different Platforms
Aggressive sales has little place in digital marketing. To nurture organic leads, it pays to focus on providing value instead. It helps to distribute content on various platforms rather than place all your eggs in one basket.

Create persona-driven customized email campaigns with smart Call-To-Actions to drive traffic to your website, reach out on social media, create content tailored to their interests, language, buying habits, browsing history and location so that they find a reason to follow you to seek more value. Offer seasonal discounts, promotions and gain their trust through authentic customer reviews.

Make sure you do not deluge your leads with your content or you may drive them away. Personalization and knowledge of the best days and times to schedule online campaigns are important.

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