How Toronto's best SEO agency is getting its real estate clients ranked


Real estate is a sunrise sector as far as Toronto is concerned. With a huge influx of population migrating from different parts of Canada and the world, the demand for homes of all kinds and budgets is booming. If you ever thought that using the internet, specifically Google to start searching for a house is too far fetched, think again. According to the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency in Toronto, people are rampantly using the internet to find their dream homes. According to "The Digital House Hunt", an extensive report that studies real estate consumer trends, 53% of buyers are believed to start their real estate hunt online. With such an enormous potential, real estate agents cannot afford to miss their chance at driving valuable traffic to their business. As a real estate professional, getting SEO for your business' website is critical for a sustainable and successful business. Here is how SEO can give you that winning edge for your real estate business:

Targeting local keyword phrases:
At least 69% of home buyers start their search with a local keyword phrase, something like 'Buy condo in Toronto'. While you may be serving multiple locations as a realtor, it is still prudent to include a local keyword with the city's name on your website. This functions like a starting point to build other target markets. Make sure to scatter these search terms all through your website so Google can catch them and include your website in the search results. A few examples of the most successful search terms for your website may be: [City Name] home [City Name] real estate [City Name] realtor

Thought leadership:
Imagine you need to learn something about toothpaste, would you believe a general doctor or a dentist? One of the most successful ways of establishing your credibility as a reputed real estate professional is to make sure that you become a resource for any kind of questions that your potential clients may ask. You can also include some important information pertaining to schools, neighbourhood safety, public transit or statistics on average homeowners, basically just about anything that may be important to a potential buyer.

Use of IDX/MLS:
Although it is quite common for real estate agents to use IDX (Internet Data Exchange) to give real estate listings, the best SEO agency in Vancouver believes that it does nothing to influence a real estate business ranking in Google. It is important to bring in some element of additional unique content to the listings page.

Content as an SEO tool:
In continuation with the above point, building an impressive piece of content surrounding your prime property listing can give you an unimaginable ranking boost. Blogs are a secure and proven way to attract traffic to your real estate website. Make sure to include targeted keywords, specific location based search terms and build unique content that is at least 200 words. Make sure that you also follow several SEO practices like using keywords in the Meta description, title tags, alt tag on photos, file name on photos and of course the king of SEO, "A blazing piece of content".

Making it pretty:
If you thought that leading websites use videos and photos just for making their site look pretty, it's far from reality. Videos and photos are engagement tools. Home buyers love to see a video tour or aesthetically captured photos of their potential home. Giving that experience on your website makes you tick the right checkboxes in your client's mind.

Do your clients have something nice to say about their experience of working with you? Why not use a video testimonial on your website. Learning a positive experience from a former client means you are already building trust in the minds of your potential buyers. Getting all these parameters right is extremely crucial if you want to rank your business. Speak to our associates at BreezeMaxWeb and understand how we can improve your real estate business ranking. Our team of SEO experts work in tandem with you to understand your target market and goals to improve your ranking and drive traffic to your website.

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