Working with the team @ BreezeMaxWeb and their social media experts really showed me how influencer marketing actually works and we loved retaining their services as they were able to guide us through the complex world of social media handles and the who's who to find the best influencers to position our products to the right audience.  

Christopher Raponi
President, Pause & Sleep


Expand the reach of your advertising campaign by three times on social media platforms with our BreezeSway™ Influencer Marketing services. We connect with influencers and entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries to optimize engagement on your social media campaign, our influencers and entrepreneurs sharing the creative content we have developed for you to drive reach and conversion. Watch your company's online platforms and reputation reach new levels of success through the analytics of post-performance and engagement..

With our roster of influencers and public figures, we have provided our clients with customized campaigns, tailored to meet client needs while staying true to their brand's values..

All partnered influencers will be bound by an influencer agreement which will include all the terms and conditions of the sponsorship.

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