Originally established in 1959, Kyocera Corporation is a multinational electronics and ceramics manufacturer headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. With many locations around the world, Kyocera is dedicated to the manufacturing of innovative, high-quality products based on advanced materials and components.


The North American Kyocera operations were originally working with a New York based advertising agency. During that time they were unsatisfied with the lack of return and results from their traditional forms of marketing methods including Canadian magazines, radio, and print advertisements. Our investigation discovered that Kyocera's previous marketing efforts received inaccurate statistical reporting and they were being billed for unjustified hidden fees. They were also spending valuable marketing dollars on declining advertising platforms and were not receiving a justified return on investment.

  • Irrational marketing expenditures in locations not services
  • Declining R.O.I on radio and print advertising
  • Online strategy was not targeted towards ideal clientele
  • Reporting was inaccurate and the numbers were not adding up

BreezeMaxWeb did a comprehensive marketing analysis on Kyocera's marketing expenditures at the time they were introduced to one another. During the audit, it was revealed that Kyocera was being provided with false performance statistics on their marketing efforts. These statistics falsely reported on marketing mediums and fabricated performance to be significantly better than the results truly indicated. In addition, they were being charged for hidden fees and were not seeing budgets allocated and spent accordingly on strategic targeted campaigns. BreezeMaxWeb's review of Kyocera's marketing strategy revealed over expenditure in marketing channels that yielded declining R.O.I including radio and print advertisements on top of marketing dollars mismanaged in terms of their online marketing campaigns.

  • Custom tailored marketing plan to cover entire Canadian market
  • English and French ad copy which included Quebec market
  • Budget allocated towards research and strategy
  • Customized marketing campaigns for individual metros in each province


Kyocera was seeking a marketing agency that was able to provide face-to-face consultations at a local level and capability to present their findings, solutions and marketing plan to the Kyocera board of directors in order to accurately discuss details of their plan. In addition, there was a need for a transparent digital agency that consisted of experts in online media and advertising that came with the credibility and accolades to back it up.


The newly allocated budget to into consideration research and statistics about the industry needs in each individual market. BreezeMaxWeb's custom tailored marketing plan was designed specifically for each and every segmented market across all of Canada including the English and French ad copy required in Quebec and Ontario. This resulted in a custom marketing strategy for each particular province of Canada. BreezeMaxWeb's customized marketing program included the use of BreezeNet, BreezeTube, BreezeBanner, BreezeTarget and BreezeMobile. These services devised and tailored unique ads for each market and were setup to deliver Kyocera with accurate and transparent daily reporting. Websites belonging to relevant industries were targeted to capture exposure, viewers and drive call-to-action for Kyocera's prime targets.

  • Grew existing online campaign in 1 year using original budget
  • Budget grew 70% in year 2; cut out other forms of inefficient marketing
  • Budget grew 80% in year 3; added BreezeMobile ads
  • Budget doubled in year 4; decreased 90% of their traditional marketing budgets
  • Budget grew 50% in year 5; allocation of total marketing budget became 90% digital.

For the past five years, Kyocera progressively adjusted marketing budgets towards more contemporary means of advertising, all in accordance to BreezeMaxWeb's custom designed marketing strategy. In subsequent years that followed, BreezeMaxWeb continued their course of action in the reduction of funding ineffective marketing campaigns in favour of increasing Kyocera's budget in digital campaigns that yielded better results. By decreasing allocated resources in areas that didn't see a return, BreezeMaxWeb was able to divert funds into more intensive R.O.I and lead generation focused marketing campaigns. After five years of working together, it is evident that the growth Kyocera has experienced stands as a testament to the success of BreezeMaxWeb's new marketing plan. Understanding the data was the key for Kyocera's growth and ability to better predict and forecast market expectations based on the real-time analytics they had access to. Being witness to historical declines in traditional marketing led Kyocera to proactively start shifting their advertising dollars into digital mediums with the help of the experts at BreezeMaxWeb.

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