Andrew Faridani

President & CEO

Vishal Nanchahal

Chief Operating Officer

Armen Faridani

Chief Marketing Officer

Stevan Cvjetkovich

Sr. Vice President

Bob Bryntwick

Vice President, Business Development

Ram Sri

Vice President, Technology

Chris Meunier

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Peter Robinson

Director of Sales (Ontario)

Bonnie Chung

Director of Performance (Eastern Canada)

Dustin Bell

Director of Sales (Alberta)

David Madeley

Director of Performance (Western Canada)

Mani Aulakh

Creative Director

Colin Hegarty

Director of Content and PR

Princess Samonte

Sr. Project Manager (Web Development)

Michele Canuzo

Sr. Project Manager (SEO)

Jisan Biswas

Advertising Manager

Andrea Bello

Project Manager (SMM)

Sandra MacInnis

Director of Finance

Paola Restrepo

HR Manager

Olivana Petrocelli

Director, Web Services

Rochelle Abramovitch

Marketing Assistant

Danijela Propadalo

Office Manager

Cheryl'n Almeida

Director, Account Management

Daniel Johnston

Quality Control Supervisor




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