Learn How Visuals can Boost Lead Generation for Your Business


Technology has evolved where people are glued to their screens. Today’s audiences are gaining 91% of their daily information through some kind of screen. This information could be a result of website surfing, search engines results and social media networks, among other possibilities. With this realization, business owners are actively employing specialized services from digital media agencies to incorporate proven and effective Search Engine Optimization tactics. The shift has also resulted in modern consumers looking for visual content rather than text-based or static images. Our world has shifted to instant gratification. Today’s consumer does not believe in investing time to seek answers. Reading text requires investing time and effort, both a scarcity in modern society. To stay in tandem with modern lead generation practices, it is imperative that businesses focus on visuals like GIFs, infographics, charts, etc., to generate interest in the minds of their potential clientele. The idea is to give information in the most easily comprehensible form through an illustration. Here is how visuals can create impactful lead generation for your business. Primarily visuals can be employed in three ways to boost lead generation:

Using visuals to attract business prospects:
Business associations are made from connections. In this day and age, social media is a proven way to get the ball rolling. If you are an avid LinkedIn member, each day you may see your connections posting different kinds of information pertaining to their professional life. It could be a business learning piece, a thought leadership initiative, observation or a perspective on something. No matter what you choose, what these individuals are trying to do is establish credibility, a thought leadership which makes them the “go-to” people if you want an informed opinion. Using pictures, infographics and well-designed content makes your post stand out and attractive. It is due to this visual appeal that platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are becoming popular.

Using visuals to generate more leads for your business:
Visuals to attract prospects is a rather long-term affair. Firstly, you need to build authority or thought leadership on social media to have someone want to hear from you. Secondly, you need to work towards higher Google rankings. Here is where the ‘content’ bit of it comes into the picture. While it may seem that we are contradicting our own opinion of employing visuals rather than content (text), what we imply is to use the type of content that resonates with your audience. Some content produces maximum results while some others are not so impactful. You can choose to add visually appealing icons, images or videos to your reports and blog posts, to make an otherwise redundant report stand out. A study by Wordstream depicts that adding a video to your landing page is likely to increase your conversion by a whopping 80%!

Using visuals to close a sale and get a new client:
The last part of the lead generation process is closing a deal and adding a new client. The main goal of any business is to educate their leads, establish trust and solve their unique pain point. If you can articulate your potential customer’s challenge and provide a solution in a visually appealing way, you are already at a winning edge. Some simple ways to do that is sending well-designed mailers, personalized mail or sending them information about your business. Another way is to send them an interactive and well-illustrated timeline on how they can work on a plausible solution for their challenge within realistic timeframes and achieve positive results. You can also choose to provide interesting video content to the customer, describing a stage by stage depiction of how your product is the answer to their challenge. If you are not sure where to begin, get an experienced SEO expert such as BreezeMaxWeb to evaluate the right approach for your digital strategy. No matter what your ultimate goal is, the BreezeMaxWeb team can provide the best-in-class strategy to optimize your outreach programs and bring tangible improvement in your lead generation volumes.

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