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As the economy in Canada slowly starts to reopen, many businesses that are allowed to open are struggling to hire back their full team due to lost profits over the past few months. Unfortunately, a lot of advertising departments remain on the outside of the hiring process at this time.

As you start to reopen your business, local sourcing BreezeMaxWeb grants you access to our professional SEM, SEO, SMM, creative, web development, network solution and content teams that help your business hit the ground running so you can rehire your employees quicker. We offer many cost-effective digital marketing services and products to relaunch your advertising efforts with no liability.

Local sourcing

  • BreezeMaxWeb is 100% Canadian-owned with team members located across Canada
  • Save the expense of hiring a full team; local sourcing can save you up to 80% on labour costs
  • We are here to help you until you are financially comfortable rehiring your old team - no strings attached services
  • We provide in house financing for large projects such as websites, apps and software all at 0% financing fees
  • Our solutions help businesses finance purchases for their customers, delivering immediate cash flow for our clients
  • We offer a lifetime price freeze and can’t be beat guarantee


  • Limited hours due to being located in a different time zone, meaning you don't often have instant access to the services you need
  • No local experience dealing with your market or your target audience
  • All agencies can just offer a fraction of the services and products that BreezeMaxWeb has available
  • Currency exchange and volatility in the market give no promises of consistency
  • No proven track record or legal obligations
  • May not speak and write English at a high level

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