Milton Hardwood Flooring

Milton Hardwood is a hardwood fooring store located in Milton, Ontario, that provides services such as hardwood design, supply and installation. In February 2017, Milton Hardwood approached BreezeMaxWeb to build them a fully functional e-commerce website with a full-digital media package including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). By implementing the latest digital marketing tactics, Milton Hardwood's mission was to become one of the first fully e-commerce capable hardwood providers in all of North America.


Before employing BreezeMaxWeb, Milton Hardwood's website had several problems including:

  • It lacked a high level of user experience and mobile responsiveness.
  • It did not have the overall striking visualizations that accompanies modern digital websites, a factor that is important for a company that values themselves on providing products that promote aesthetic appeal.
  • There was a lack of conversions and call-outs, which made it difficult for Milton Hardwood's clients to get in touch with them.


Milton Hardwood was looking to become more interactive with their customers by becoming an e-commerce website, and to receive more customer traffic, conversions and more. With Milton Hardwood's mission in mind, some of the strategies that BreezeMaxWeb developed included:

  • Creating a newly developed e-commerce website that had both an excellent user experience and interface, that is mobile friendly, and can easily accept online orders.
  • Implementing SEO and SEM tactics to increase customer traffic and online conversions.
  • Creating a marketing campaign that will target specific areas of the GTA.


The SEO and SEO analysts at BreezeMaxWeb reviewed Milton Hardwood's website and after an indepth analysis including goals, demographics, and geographies, devised a strategy that will help maximize conversion rates, online customer traffic and call-outs.

Execution Strategy

To remedy the problems mentioned above, BreezeMaxWeb's strategy for Milton Hardwood was divided into three phases:


Creative Design and Inception

Our team of inhouse SEO analysts, Web Developers and Creative Designers developed an optimized home page to help increase their online conversions.


Search Engine Marketing and Optimization:

The SEO and SEM Analysts developed a customized in-depth marketing campaign targeting specific regions throughout the GTA.


Configuring E-Commerce Functionality:

Our Web Development and Programming team built the e-commerce functionality into the Milton Hardwood's website.




The end result of BreezeMaxWeb's work was a fantastic and responsive e-commerce website. At the launch of their new website, Milton Hardwood received increased online traffic and conversions from their online campaign. In just four months, their average key-phrases for "Burlington" moved up almost 20 positions. Shown below is a visualization of how our online campaign has influenced Milton Hardwood's website, starting with the Burlington location.

Burlington SEO Campaign

From May 2017, the Milton Hardwood website consistently climbed up the rankings on Google.
Their Oakville campaign also has seen fantastic growth over the last 4 months.

Oakville SEO Campaign:

The consistent rise in rankings on Google also came with an increase of positive click-through rates (' CTR') and clicks.

Organic Clicks and Click through Rates:

For the AdWords campaign, Milton Hardwood has received a fantastic CTR as well as a conversion rate. Over a period of 60 days, Milton Hardwood received over 195 phone calls as well as 10 website sign ups or contact form submissions within just 90 days.

With the use of our analytics software, BreezeHeat, Milton Hardwood received another 23 contact form submissions, all through organic searches (those who found the website through Google and other search engines). With well over 225 conversions recorded over a 90 day period, Milton Hardwood's business has never been better and is consistently improving.

Presently, Milton Hardwood's digital campaign is consistently growing, with daily conversions. With this accomplishment, the next step for Milton Hardwood is to become the very first international e-commerce hardwood store within North America.

It is BreezeMaxWeb' s mission to help build all of our clients' digital strategies to 100% of their capacity. In the hands of BreezeMaxWeb's team of experts, Milton Hardwood's mission is well on its way to becoming a reality.

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