Breezemobile Mobile Advertising

  I'm shocked by how many new customers have found me on a phone instead of the computer.  

Scott Barthorpe
Owner, B & D Roofing

BreezeMobile Mobile Advertising

98.29% of all mobile devices use Google as their native web browser. The BreezeMobile™ platform is the most reliable way of advertising on mobile phones in Canada. Over 53% of Google searches are now done on mobile devices, compared to declining 47% of desktop searches.

Today mobile search ads are incredibly important for any company. If your company doesn't have a mobile search advertising strategy, BreezeMobile™ is the first step into insuring your competitive edge. We also provide responsive and effective web design services to ensure that your site conforms to all mobile device screens. Start your mobile marketing campaign today by speaking with one of our experts.

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Breezemobile Mobile Advertising
Mobile Advertising Offering mobile search advertising strategy

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