Press Release: One of Canada's fastest rising companies opens new division developing sales tools


Mississauga, ON. BreezeMaxWeb (CA) Ltd., one of Canada's fastest rising companies is proud to continue its exceptional growth by announcing the creation of a new division called BreezeMaxLabs, which will focus on building and commercializing sales tools for employees. "Creating our new division was a logical decision choice for us. Our track record and experience of empowering business growth through cutting edge digital solutions adds credibility to our new division. Thousands of companies place their trust in BreezeMaxWeb to help them with their online presence which leads to growth, but with our new division, we will now be able to assist their front line employees through digital innovations and products." says Andrew Faridani, President and CEO of BreezeMaxWeb.

While veiled in secrecy, BreezeMaxLabs' first product is already under development. "Our experience and research has told us that employees are frustrated with the lack of supportive and easy to use tools that help them grow their sales, which leads to lost opportunities. Often people are forced to use gigantic back-end systems or poorly designed web applications resulting in over-complexity and inefficiency for the front line users. Our simple solution targeted towards specific verticals will help to immediately address this." says Paul Robitaille, Director of Corporate Development at BreezeMaxWeb and Division Head of BreezeMaxLabs. "We surveyed a number of industries and included our own sales people in the design and user experience phase of our product, and we are excited to see the results of this feedback come to life in our development lab. This is just the beginning of an exciting product journey." says Paul.

BreezeMaxLabs has hired top talent from leading institutions including Western University and from specialized schools in the GTA. They are also working closely with the Ontario government as well as colleges and universities to leverage their research and development resources, capstone projects and various programs, with the goal of having all intellectual property developed within Canada. To receive exclusive updates on their premiere product, visit

About BreezeMaxWeb

Launched in 2008, BreezeMaxWeb® is a digital marketing agency that has grown to over 90 employeees strong in eight cities across Canada with US expansion plans already underway. As a Google Premiere Partner, they use proprietary tools and consultative services to help generate sales for businesses of all sizes by increasing their web presence. BreezeMaxWeb's strong suite of product offerings, leadership team, talented workforce, and commitment to being an employer of choice has resulted in being ranked as one of Profit Magazine's Fastest Growing Companies in 2014, 2015, and 2016. For more information, please visit

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