AdWords Changes:
It is not news that Google has altered the amount of ads that are shown on their search network along with the removal of some to make it more streamlined. These changes have seen the removal of the right hand side of ads while placing 4 above the fold and 3 under the fold at the bottom of the search result page. Although this is the case not always will customers see them positioned as such. At times depending on the competition it may be 1 ad above the fold with 2-3 on the bottom. When this occurs Google likes to test the Google local businesses with maps in an effort to also bring together companies and customers who are close from the search area. This is changing the way that companies and advertisers are bidding, which phrases they use and the different types of ad copy.

Bid Changes:
With bid changing comes the need for advertisers to spend more money to be seen and differ the process that they are taking to reach new customers. While this does increase competition, not for all industries will this occur. The highly competitive industries such as law/legal or HVAC will be spending even more than the current CPC they are spending. For other niche markets such as beard oils the CPC will not increase so drastically as there is less competition and not many entering the market for such products/services. While Ad positioning is vital for success many companies need to start testing different bids, the position it lands them in and the conversion rate. Not all should strive to be number 1 as they might be spending double what the current CPC is and positioning 2-4, usually 3 or 4 still provides high conversion rates at lower CPC rates as they are usually above the fold still.

Ad Copy Changes:
Google just introduced to the public the extended ad copy which is not providing companies the ability to create larger ad copy with everything doubling. There are 2 headlines now instead of 1 and a lot more space in the description lines to provide more information about your companies services/products and why the customer should choose you. These extended ads will now provide your company with a larger looking Ad & when the extensions are placed on top of this your profile will take up a larger portion of the search space.

Competing Against Competition:
Companies need to start evaluating the new process they must take in order to stay ahead of the competition and keep on top of changes that come up. While it will be certain that other companies will start developing ads using the Extended Ads there are many who will not be aware until its too late that this is a change that came by Google. Google developed these new Ads in an effort to see how much the conversion rates will improve and develop new ways for companies to stand out more. In the past many companies who did not have their accounts optimized were wasting lots of money on useless clicks. Part in because the Ad copy was not up to par and customers would click to research and move on. With these new Extended Ads companies can now provide more information to help reduce wasted clicks, save money and ultimately increase conversions.

Moving Forward:
Companies who are advertising online must take into consideration the new add-ons that Google consitently provides companies as it could help them in the short and long term when it comes to bringing in new customers. Companies must take full advantage and always improve on the account in order to fully get it optimized and reach a level higher than where they are today.

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