Open Letter by the Vice President of BreezeMaxWeb


Our Vice President recently celebrated his 7th anniversary at BreezeMaxWeb and shared his thoughts about the company, industry and people in this open letter to the public. Have a read to see for yourself the amazing accomplishments BreezeMaxWeb has made during his tenure with the company.

Open Letter from the Vice President of BreezeMaxWeb

Did you know BreezeMaxWeb is the digital marketing industry's revered leader? So much so that our highly skilled and trained staff members are often touted and are contacted by recruiters for many high level senior digital positions at other agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi. Like our competitors, we also attract talent from other specialized agencies. This is all due to the overwhelming knowledge and expertise that the 108 potent BreezeMaxWeb team members bring to the table through our comprehensive training and human capital program as our agency explodes with growth.

Developing the best products, people, businesses and strategies is what we do all day, every day @ BreezeMaxWeb, our company culture and work environment starts with the top down. We focus on new beginnings, second chances, community outreach, diversity (over 25 languages and nationalities represented in-house), and promoting heavily from within. Aside from amazing skillsets, we offer equal opportunities for all backgrounds, genders, beliefs and ethnicities which has allowed us to help many of North America's entrepreneurs, charities, students, single parents, families, the unemployed and semi-retired seniors. All of this together makes us an employer of choice, and a target for other agencies who strive to take the fast road through trying to "buy" our talent. Our beliefs stand out in an era of corporate scrutiny.

We deeply appreciate and believe in our staff which is why our leadership team invests much of its time passing down skills and knowledge to the new and old generation of internet marketing fanatics. This is the way we've always pictured it being done and the way we do things around here. We wouldn't have it any other way! Working with a digital agency shouldn't mean spending your entire profits on marketing, which is why BreezeMaxWeb still honours and follows traditional aspects of reaching our clients through a personal and expert approach. Our local face-to-face meetings with clients help us to get to know them and their business better, so we can help them grow. Spending this crucial time to understand your business needs is paramount when developing and executing an online advertising plan. When other agencies figure out these minor yet important pieces to the puzzle and the methodology to our agency's practice that keeps us at the forefront of inspiration in digital marketing, they'll perhaps realize that you really cannot imitate or duplicate a team such as ours. We continue to rapidly get stronger and grow day-by-day, this is not by chance and happens when you set out to disrupt an industry and change the tactical game plan.

Come and experience BreezeMaxWeb's "Make it happen, all hands-on-deck" culture for yourself as a team member, client, or partner, and see exactly why they all want to be us!

Yours Truly,

Vishal Nanchahal
Vice President, BreezeMaxWeb

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