Osmow's Grill

Established in 2001, Osmow's Grill is a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant specializing in home-style cooked shawarma and grilled dishes. With over 22 locations and growing, Osmow's is dedicated to providing authentic Mediterranean dishes with fast, attentive service


As a typical one-man-shop, Sam Osmow was working too much 'in the business' instead of 'on the business.' Due to the incredible popularity of his small restaurant, Sam knew there was a huge opportunity to expand his business via the franchising sector, however, he was so entrenched in the daily routines of the business that it was impossible to work on expansion efforts.


Osmow's needed to build a strategic marketing plan that would leverage all the positive attributes which were associated with his one restaurant in order to attract hungry customers and entrepreneurs.

Execution Strategy

Using the BreezeSearch platform, BreezeMaxWeb began to promote the Osmow's website ensuring Osmow's guaranteed exposure and visibility on Google utilizing key ad placements based on geo-location, industry, and search metrics.


Osmow's visibility improved tremendously on Google, attracting traffic to their website and storefront resulting in increased brand awareness and purchases. Now with over 22 locations across Ontario, Sam manages the franchisor aspect of the business and continues to meet and develop relationships with entrepreneurs who are excited to take his concept to the next level. Osmow's is a prime example of what creative, researched branding and B2B opportunities and exposure on Google with BreezeMaxWeb can bring to the table.

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