Our Affiliates

Our Affiliates

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Polka is an integrated marketing agency that looks to unveil the story of a brand through entertainment mechanisms and storytelling. With extensive experience in video, photo, and digital productions, Polka has a strong creative advantage and offers a flexible business model for companies.

Like many other smaller specialized agencies, Polka wanted to offer complimentary services that would add value to their client relationships, but did not have the resources or manpower on hand. Understanding that partnering is a key to success. Polka has selected BreezeMaxWeb as their exclusive, complimentary service partner to provide digital media advertising to their clientele. From market activations, graphic and image services, and event marketing, Polka now has a powerhouse of a partner that helps businesses share stories across multiple platforms.

Formerly known as Hurricane Web Design, Coronation Internet Marketing Ltd. is a Vancouver-based company that has vastly grown over the past 16 years. They offer various services such as SEO, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, and much more. BreezeMaxWeb and Coronation Internet Marketing Ltd. will ultimately tackle the digital world by combining both of their knowledge and services to all of their clients throughout Canada.

Media Kitchen Imaging Group is an integrated creative agency that is fluent in all aspect of design, branding, print, wayfinding, signage and display. The agency caters to any specialized business needs by creating powerful, profitable brand strategies and communications planning. Through the Affiliate Program with BreezeMaxWeb, Media Kitchen Imaging Group will receive prime Digital Advertising, expanding their consumer base beyond Ontario.

Medico Design is a full service marketing agency that specializes in the health industry. With their expertise and knowledge, they showcase every aspect of brand, service and clinic to give competitive edge. Medico Design is an Affiliate partner with BreezeMaxWeb and through this program, both agencies are ready to tackle the digital market by providing effective solutions to all business needs.

SPG Media is an all rounded marketing company providing customers the best advertising solutions. Whether it’s video marketing, print or digital advertising, SPG Media helps their clients reach their target market. Through the Affiliate program, SPG Media will receive prime advertising with BreezeMaxWeb. This partnership will ultimately bring in superior advertising solutions for clients, driving results and conversions.

PSG Translations is a leading multilingual solution provider with 40 years of experience they offer a wide arrange of services to all clients. Helping industries simplify multilingual publishing and communication projects, they are a one stop shop location for all your needs. Through the affiliate program with BreezeMaxWeb, PSG Translations will gain digital advertising. This expands PSG Translations client based providing them more conversions and results.

Compel Media offers advertising campaigns that are built from the ideal mix of traditional and digital strategies. The company goes beyond pay per click and billboards, they focus on providing companies advertising that brings prime value to their customers. Both BreezeMaxWeb and Compel Media have joined forces to revolutionized marketing today. With many years of experience, BreezeMaxWeb and Compel Media are ready to tackle the digital world.

Advantage Holdings Inc. is an independent marketing company that strives to help businesses in Edmonton, Alberta. As an Affiliate Partner, Advantage Holdings Inc. will continually get prime digital advertising solution through BreezeMaxWeb. This ultimately allows the company to reach and expand their client-base in Edmonton. As a Canada’s Leading Provider of Online Media Solutions, BreezeMaxWeb manages Internet advertising campaigns for businesses to yield results and drive businesses at their front door!

Home Theatre Solutions is a first class client experience, focusing on exceeding consumer expectations. As technology advocates, Home Theatre Solutions begins with client discovery meetings and they provide expertise in documenting requirements for AV and integrated technology products, materials and services. Through the Affiliate Partner Program, BreezeMaxWeb will offer them the best digital advertising solution that they need to expand their client-base and promote their business.

DeSIGNabc is a creative team that provides design, print and courier services in the Greater Vancouver Area. Located at the heart of British Columbia, DeSIGNabc takes pride in every work that they do to bring success to their customers. The firm works closely with their clients to meet strategic marketing and communication goals. As an affiliate partner with BreezeMaxWeb, DeSIGNabc have the maximum capability of providing clients the best solutions in their current market. BreezeMaxWeb will continuously help DeSIGNabc deliver digital presence for their clientele and administer the firm with remarkable results. This joined force is a powerhouse bringing in 10+ years of experience with successful advertising campaigns within the industry to Mainland B.C.

Meridian is the expert in providing managed IT and communication services to the legal profession. The Australian based company has been providing technology solutions to businesses since 1991. BreezeMaxWeb and Meridian have partnered up to produce unprecedented results in the IT and marketing industries. This partnership is one step closer to future growth and success for both BreezeMaxWeb and Meridian.

SPICE is a design agency that focuses on artistic creativity and innovative problem solving. The agency believes in story telling the way clients want it to be told, they provide a wide range of design principles and technologies with precise research and planning. SPICE Design Studio’s partnership with BreezeMaxWeb is designed around product offerings that deliver unprecedented consumer response. SPICE Studio Design and BreezeMaxWeb have teamed up to give SPICE’s clients the best bang for their bucks with their digital marketing.

Among its family of partners, BreezeMaxWeb is proud to announce its newest partner: Cottager Deals. With summer in full gear, the cottage is a great Canadian escape. In order to make relaxing easier, Cottager Deals helps merchants advertise their business to cottagers through a click of a button. From antiques to transportation, Cottage Deals showcases local businesses and events on their accessible website platform. As a BreeezeMaxWeb Partner – Cottager Deals offers cutting edge media solutions tailored to their clients in Cottage Country.

Pink Elephant Marketing builds brands for businesses that connect with the public on an emotional level through unexpected creativity and out of this world media. Because of their boutique style services and abilities to cater to all sizes of businesses, the Partnership with BreezeMaxWeb™ will bring their client base the care that is unmatched in the marketplace all across Canada. When agencies like Pink Elephant Marketing & BreezeMaxWeb join forces it only brings the best results for all clients and parties involved.

ESET’s advanced security options are trusted by businesses, governments and consumers around the world with over 100 MILLION users. As leaders in the field of heuristic detection, we specialize in technology that predicts emerging viruses and develop effective defenses before they can do any damage. They safeguard everyone from parents who trust us to keep kids safer online to government agencies who rely on us to keep sensitive data out of the wrong hands. BreezeMaxWeb will also be offering ESET’s network based software and security products to Canadian businesses as a value added benefit of working with BreezeMaxWeb.

GatherR are the social marketing experts that focus on Instagram and other image-based platforms. They bring the full power of the Instagram audience to businesses raising brand awareness and image. GatherR has recently partnered with BreezeMaxWeb™ to enhance their customer base’s online exposure via social media platforms such and Facebook and Instagram. BreezeMaxWeb offers more platforms and expertise in the social media world than any other agency in Canada, this is why GatherR and BreezeMaxWeb make the perfect partnership.

Pro PC offers totally mobile repair services to keep small and medium sized business computing. They know how much everyone relies on the computer systems to do business. They also offer Managed Services, Network Design, System Upgrades and Repairs for computer systems, servers, and networks that will save money and time. ProPc Inc. provides high quality business computers, printers and other products to suit your needs. As a partner with BreezeMaxWeb™, they are able to provide additional marketing services to their client base and help with their online presence. BreezeMaxWeb comes in at a great time to partner with ProPC and offer them the best overall effectiveness for digital advertising along with Website Development from a company they can trust to get it done right and fast!

Direct Access Marketing is a trusted marketing company with over 25 years of experience. Consisting of a dynamic team of result-focused experts, Direct Access Marketing focuses on delivering effective marketing campaigns to increase sales of your business. As a partner with BreezeMaxWeb™, they are able to provide additional marketing services to their client base to help with their online presence and overall effectiveness.BreezeMaxWeb™ in Alberta, Canada and is providing their clients with better insight straight from the source of Online Marketing and Google Advertising in Western Canada- BreezeMaxWeb.partner with ProPC and offer them the best overall effectiveness for digital advertising along with Website Development from a company they can trust to get it done right and fast!

Paradigm media brings 25 years of production and design experience to the table, but collectively, they bring over 100 years of new media experience to the table. They work closely with a team of web programmers, search engine web optimizers, graphic designers, photographers, video editors, advertising agencies, marketing directors, printers and audio-visual staging companies which helps create a successful project. They offer clients a “one-stop shop” approach ensuring that every client is taken care of during every step of the visual communication process. Paradigm media has recently partnered with BreezeMaxWeb™ to enhance their customer base’s online exposure.Website Development from a company they can trust to get it done right and fast!

Area is an international agency specializing in integrated communication strategies. Whether it’s a conference in China for 600 attendees, a complete re-branding campaign or a digital signage network solution, Area always strive to Invent, Incent and Inspire. Area utilizes BreezeMaxWeb™’s strategic and specialized approach for its database of clients that consist of National Companies across Canada as a BreezeMaxWeb™ strategic vertical partner.

Gemma Communications is a leading sales-focused, PCI compliant call centre in Canada specializing in Inbound and Outbound Sales. As one of the largest Canadian-owned call centres, they have a proven track record of getting results and providing an easy customer experience for Fortune 100 companies. Gemma Communications is listed on the TSX and is an authorized Re-seller of BreezeBlast™ & BreezeFind™ across Canada.

YourOnlineAgents.ca owns and operates one of Canada’s largest real estate agent directories and specializes in providing Realtors and real estate offices with technologically advanced websites. YourOnlineAgents serves all of Canada coast to coast and is a BreezeMaxWeb Affiliate Partner which serves all Canadian Realty Brokerages and Real Estate Agents.

Premier, London’s Magazine for Women is all about women; from fashion to features, wellness to home decor, food and drink, technology and business. Their passion and goal is to inspire readers at every level of their lives and to celebrate the city they live in. At the same time they provide exciting opportunities for advertisers to reach progressive business and professional people who will read Premier cover to cover. Premier Publishing is a BreezeMaxWeb™ Affiliate Partner in South Western Ontario.

Go2Pages is a local online, print, and mobile directory. Their goal is to change the way small to medium sized businesses invest in Local Print, Online & Mobile advertising. Go2Pages is a BreezeMaxWeb Affiliate Partner and serves the Ontario Market.

Empression Marketing is a marketing services company that caters to all businesses, helping them with brand creation to effective communication. They help their clients define their optimal marketing communications efforts, develop a plan outlining incremental steps to get them there and guide them during the execution phase. They help Companies build an integrated, engaged and multi-media rich marketing communications program that works using the BreezeMaxWeb™ Platform as an Affiliate Partner of BreezeMaxWeb™ for the G.T.A.

CTN Media INC. is a boutique media & marketing firm that will consult with small, medium, and large businesses for their daily and on-going advertising needs. As experts in online, mobile, print, outdoor, radio, & television advertising and marketing, they work as the businesses media buyers, and are here to help with any marketing budget needs. They also offer a free performance evaluation on which advertising mediums deliver the best R.O.I. CTN Media INC. is a BreezeMaxWeb™ Affiliate Partner for Canada.

BASF Holdings is a business management and consulting practice, it offers business that lack the knowledge or insight on business initiatives and start-ups the opportunity to work with a certified business management consultant. They assist business owners better gauge their business using an outside point of view. BASF Holdings offer the BreezeMaxWeb™ Platform to its clients in Ontario.

Tradesmen Canada Incorporated provides an online service of local prequalified contractors or home related services, for the homeowner or businesses. Their aim is to connect homeowners and local business with these quality people and services. Tradesmen.ca is a new Affiliate Partner of BreezeMaxWeb.

Online Image Now is a thriving, full-service Internet Marketing company located in the beautiful Rocky Mountain state of Utah. They began with just four employees operating in a basement with buckets for desks and chairs. Their vision and proven practices, have grown steadily ever since. They understand small business operations because that is how they started. Online Image is a BreezeMaxWeb™ Affiliate Partner for the USA.

Clear Results is a marketing performance tracking and analytics company that helps business competently assess their advertising investments with a proven tracking system. They help to ensure businesses can easily track their new business through marketing platforms using specialized tools for tracking and evaluation. Clear Results is a BreezeMaxWeb™ Affiliate Partner for Canada & USA.

Strategic Solutions has a successful track record of providing clients with proven strategies for growth and success since 1994. Whether your company is a small to medium fire breather or a multi-national behemoth, we will custom craft an effective, affordable, online advertising campaign designed to meet your stated goals and deliver measurable results. No bafflegab. No buzzwords. No re-inventing the wheel. Just straight talk and a straight line to success. Tell us where you want to go.

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