Google AdWords:
When it comes to Google and their online advertising platform there is no doubt that with being the top search engine comes great rewards. This is the case especially with the paid advertising side as Google makes a lot of money allowing and helping companies reach new levels of growth by showing up in top positions without having to wait for their organic ranks to improve. AdWords is the best way for all businesses to compete and stay on top in the ranks as the reach on Google networks; search, display, video and re-targeting is being seen by hundreds, thousands even millions a day depending on your budget.

Why The Change?
Google has a lot of testing done each and every day when it comes to the paid search vs. organic results. Google has stated many times before that the top 3 positions are the ones that have higher click through rates, better conversions & more reach. Through lots of testing they have determined that the most important part of searching online is to find the proper products that you are looking for. This means that the results on search terms are going to be more tailored with companies that are providing high level services & ready to serve customers.

Keeping Control:
While Google is always updating every aspect of their business, they focus a lot on the advertising side as it brings in much of their revenue on the services side of operations. This is part because of market share, shifts in the industry and due to the fact that businesses are starting to see the need for online advertising. For companies to be seen there are always a few conditions to be met which includes a series of quality scores, how much they are willing to spend budget wise and per click along with ad copy + phrases.

While it is no surprise that the top 3 positions on desktop/laptop search are the best to be in, depending on the industry a click could cost a lot. What needs to be remembered is that being seen helps with brand exposure and although all companies want clicks to the website, you only pay when you are clicked. This means that even at the 3rd position you will be seen and clicked on but be paying less than the first. There are also ads shown on the right side of the search page which are usually smaller in size but can also be effective as your company is still on the first page of Google.

Yahoo and Bing advertising are Google’s competition which does not make a real dent in their overall revenue stream. While other search engines are used a lot less than Google’s they are also seen as competition because when there is even a small percentage focused on that it means that there is always room for improvement. While Yahoo and Bing have not been able to be number 1 they are making improvements that could help them in the long haul. It is as of late that Yahoo is showing Google Ads on the right side of their search with full extensions; call, sitelinks, callouts and locations. While Google of course does this it is rarely seen on the right hand side and only with the top 3 paid ads. Yahoo is taking this and adding it to their right hand side ads in an effort to make it more appealing, look larger and help companies reach more while at a cheaper cost per click.

Potential Growth:
While it is usually other companies learning from Google in terms of innovation, what Yahoo has done with expanding ads on the right side should be on their radar. This idea is something that Google has done but when it comes to the right side of advertising they are less willing to make companies look larger. If Google decided to do something as such it could be a chance for more businesses to be seen, clicked on and grow at a rapid rate while paying a little less in terms of per click.

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