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We knew our patients were looking online for companies like ours. We had never advertised online and weren’t sure of the necessary steps we need to take as our industry is heavily regulated. We needed to find a partner in an agency that had the relative experience required to understand the regulations that we have to abide by in our line of business. We found a partner in BreezeMaxWeb that could bring a level of guidance we required to make the process a bit more seamless. BreezeMaxWeb has been a pleasure to work with and the insights through the data they provide is paramount in making a fair market comparison when you’re looking at digital versus traditional media.
Nancy Kondo – Marketing Director, Alliance Group Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Marketing

With the presence of various online digital technologies, the healthcare industry has been significantly transformed and every pharmacy or pharmaceutical business is working hard to compete in the digital world. A major drawback for pharmaceutical businesses is that patients tend to search more online for information regarding health issues through channels or apps rather than seeking advice from experts which as a result creates communication gaps between patients and pharmacies. Active communication with patients is of vital importance and would help promote sales growth for pharmacies. They should strongly consider online digital marketing as every business is fighting hard for advertising space and not having access to it would leave them behind in competition. The Adwords technicians at BreezeMaxWeb are certified content writers, and because we have a deep understanding of PAAB, Government Regulatory Affairs, legal and dossiers, we help speed up the complex process of implementation without going through a lengthy review process. The bottom line – we understand your industry and are ready to assist you.


SEO for Pharmaceutical Companies

Nowadays, users are more likely to click on organic search results than paid advertising. Pharmaceutical industries need to apply various SEO strategies to their website in order to rank higher for keywords relating to their services and/or products e.g. medicines, drugs. Depending on the keyword competition, it may take less or more time to rank high. Domain authority is also a major keyword ranking factor which reflects how old your website is and it is generally higher for old websites than new ones. Therefore, it would take time before it is improved. Your SEO strategies should also focus on local keyword search volume as customers are always looking to find the pharmacy closest to their location.
The team of medical content writers and experts at BreezeMaxWeb allow you to go through the correct procedural guidelines to ensure your company’s message is within regulatory guidelines and approved before it’s published. Working with a specialized agency when it come to search engine optimization for pharmaceutical and medical organizations is key, and we can make that journey seamless through our class leading search engine optimization and Google Adwords certified team!


Website design for Pharmaceutical Companies

Your Website strongly reflects your business to the target audience. If the website does not allow for quick and simple call-to-actions or convenient methods of contact, you would have difficulties driving internet leads to your place and the users are more likely to get in touch with your competitors. Our team of professional web developers at BreezeMaxWeb would use their knowledge and skills in developing a responsive, eye-catching and user friendly website that would help promote your business!

Public Service and Relations:

Showcasing products, equipment and medications to consumers is of critical importance as it helps educate and aware users of the benefits, deficiencies and impacts of the product prior to its use. Digital Media Marketing is an effective way of communicating with your target audience that conveys information about your products and services and helps send messages to the communities you serve. As an example, GSK, a multinational pharmaceutical company had invested in video ads across their target audience to illustrate their key research that had helped save people’s lives. Pharmaceutical companies need to consider strategies that would build up their reputation and get them to know the insights of users.


Website design for Pharmaceutical Companies


Pharmaceutical industries need to invest their time and efforts into making sure their website design clearly reflects their business. Every industry seeks to improve its marketing strategies over time. In order for your target audience to have a clear understanding of what services you have to offer, your pharmacy’s website needs to be designed in a simplistic, user friendly and easy to navigate method. Call to actions within your website are of great importance as you want users to get in contact and not merely visit it. Any information relating to your products, medicines or drugs should be clearly illustrated if you decide to mention them.


  • Responsive interactive interface
  • Unique design tailored to your brand
  • Effectively displays your google advertising or marketing
  • Efficient use of call-to-actions and other widgets

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