With so many cell phone repair stores in the GTA, you need a great reputation from your customers to keep you ahead of the competition. The best way to get an outstanding reputation is to have high ratings on Google.


Phoenix Cell Phone Repair has two locations in Brampton. Before acquiring the BreezeReview software from BreezeMaxWeb, their main location on Kennedy Road had 231 reviews and their recently opened second location on Cherrycrest Drive had zero reviews.


With BreezeReview, both locations saw a huge boost in high-quality and authentic reviews from their happy customers.


Their Kennedy Road location gained 1,236 reviews in nine months for a total of 1,467, and their Cherrycrest Drive location, which opened in December of 2019, went from no reviews to 184 in just three months. Each location boasts a 5-star average.

With BreezeReview, you can instantly request your customers to submit a review through a customized text message, even before they leave the store!

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