Google chooses BreezeMaxWeb and Trafalgar Dental, to participate in marketing study


Google chooses BreezeMaxWeb and Trafalgar Dental which is a long time standing client of BreezeMaxWeb, to participate in a study on marketing via Google's advertising platforms. Over 50 submissions were made for this case study and BreezeMaxWeb with Trafalgar Dental came out on top with their versatile marketing plan and perfect execution. "We've been working with Trafalgar Dental for some time now and the results are definitely starting to show with the marketing plan we had put forth. When it comes to marketing your business online and effectively, you have to differentiate what makes sense and what doesn't with the budgets that are in place. We have worked tirelessly face to face to get to know our client's needs and what they were looking to accomplish. With that being said we devised a plan that works!" said Peter Robinson (Director of Sales Ontario @ BreezeMaxWeb).

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