We needed a advertising agency that could deliver on short notice as we were launching our new business called Kiddie Chef. We wanted to ensure that parents of school aged children and school board trustees knew who we were, and what our company was all about and spread this message across strategic channels for our brand and seo. We definitely made the right call to go with BreezeMaxWeb, as their team of PR and content experts provided us with a turnkey solution and quickly ramped up our presence across all relevant channels on the web. I'd recommend the team of experts anytime, because they really pleased me and I'm extremely hard to please and picky.  

George Sparangis
Owner, Kiddie Chef


Get the word out instantly when you are about to introduce a new product, service or event to the public. Through BreezePress™, you will get a high-quality and professional press release that will detail all the information you need to promote your services to a large range of potential customers. We will blast your press release to thousands of journalists and media hubs for instant local and global coverage. When a journalist picks up your press release, they will then be able to write a more in-depth piece about your promotion to further entice their audience to check out what you are releasing.

Get the right message across to the right audience.

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