Reasons Why You Should Have HTTPS to Improve Website SEO Results


HTTPS (Hypertext Transport Protocol Security) will make a big impact on the performance of your website. No matter the size and influence of your site, you can benefit from adding this extra level of security to your website. But why is HTTPS on the rise? Because it’s a way to encrypt data sent between browsers and web servers, protecting you and your information from being attacked or stolen by an anonymous middle man. Credit card information, logins and passwords, personal information, it’s all secure when input into an HTTPS site.

More sites have been making the switch over to HTTPS to give their visitors a better sense of security, all while encouraging them to stay longer. HTTPS status also does a lot when helping to better optimize search engine results. Here are four reasons you should make the switch to HTTPS.

Better Google Rankings:
More than 40% of websites that appear on the first page of Google’s search engine are HTTPS sites. Google claims they favour HTTPS sites over non-secure ones and it shows. For search engine optimization purposes, that’s huge! If you want more traffic to your site, then you need to consider making the leap to HTTPS to improve your web results and overall web traffic. Google wants the best for its customers. Among other things, that includes making sure people have access to the safest website first, before filtering in less secure sites.

Better Security:
Every 40 seconds, a cyber attack occurs. Around 43% of cyber attacks are targeted towards smaller web businesses that don’t utilize HTTPS. This security protocol protects your personal information from potential hackers. Google prioritizes HTTPS sites over all else because they want customers to come back over and over again regarding other searches they’ll inevitably make.

Updated HTTPS Labelling:
Google has updated how they label websites through their Chrome browser, specifically in the URL bar. In front of every secure website, there will be an ‘https’ code there to indicate that it’s safe for you to proceed through. But what about sites that aren’t secure? Don’t worry, Google has implemented a ‘not secure’ label in front of ‘http’ sites, so users never have to wonder whether or not their information is safe on certain websites.

Better Conversions:
A survey done by Global-sign discovered that 84% of users abandoned their purchases from non-secure websites. Why? Because they didn’t want to risk having their information stolen from third-party intruders. Not having an HTTPS website can but a huge damper on sales, no matter how many reassuring statements you have throughout your site that personal data is safe. Without that HTTPS security measure, most people won’t take the risk.

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