Reasons Your Facebook Ads Don't Convert & how to fix them


Facebook advertising can be regarded as one of the best marketing and advertising tools available to businesses and marketers. It serves the dual purpose of not only promoting your brand but also researching your target audience and making sure they are being reached out. It may seem surprising that although it sounds easy, even leading SEO agency in Toronto says that it is not an easy game.

Some of the best SEO agencies run into issues when it comes to Facebook advertising campaigns, which is turning targeted traffic into conversions.

Sometimes you may have highly targeted ads with creative images and content that drive the desired impression, share and clicks, but no conversions. The key to any advertising, and more so to Facebook advertising, is to get your message to the right demographic profile.

Letting the right customers know about your product at the right time and garnering curiosity and interest with the intention of driving conversion is quite a complicated process. According to a leading SEO agency in Vancouver, when Facebook advertising is done in conjunction with PPC, it is likely to drive tremendous ROI.

Here are some reasons why your Facebook advertising campaign is failing to generate enough conversions and what you can do to rectify the problem:

Lack of audience data:
First, unlike Google Ads, Facebook advertising needs you to have a quick assessment of who is your target audience is way before you begin a campaign. Knowing your potential customers demographic details, their interests, hobbies, what appeals to them are essential elements of information to start designing a target audience profile.

For established businesses, it is slightly more accessible as they know at least something about their target audience. However, if your client has a new business and limited learning resources, it can be difficult to decipher this information. In such an event, the best bet is a broad awareness campaign optimized to the lowest CPC available. Gather some valuable engagement data work perhaps with about half a million impressions at a reasonable spend and then understand the customer profile and especially study conversion profiles.

Facebook is an impressive tool as it helps you to upload relevant data and details like your business' customer email information and data on all of your purchases from the last 30 days.

Optimize your target parameters:
For any campaign, audience creation is the most critical aspect. Poorly optimized targeting parameters could result in wasted ad spend. For instance, if your little black dress advertisement is close to party season, you are more likely to get hits as compared to advertising it in September when your target is busy preparing for school or college. Another mistake that businesses commit is targeting too wide on too many screen options. One needs to account for device usage when aiming audience.

The best way to cut down on targeting errors is to create a buyer profile and then upload all relevant details possible in the custom audiences information form on Facebook. This will help your campaign to segment your buyer persona and show relevant ads to an audience who matters. Facebook categorizes on the basis of demographics, pages liked following and follower data.

Facebook is not for shopping:
Remember that most people aren't necessarily intending on spending money and purchasing anything when they click your ad, especially from a mobile device. Keep your value proposition something more than selling, perhaps a fun quiz, poll or a free seminar invitation. While actual conversions through Facebook may not be significant, remember using it as a tool can mean that you can get in touch with your target audience into your funnel.

Whether you are a new business or a well established one, every business has something incredible that they can achieve through a properly targeted Facebook campaign. BreezeMaxWeb is helping all of our clients achieve a winning edge through digital marketing, SEO and social media marketing in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg among other parts of Canada. Talk to our Marketing experts today to understand how we can drive value to your business.

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