After dealing with many PDF reports for multiple services and on a monthly basis, we have never been so impressed with an easy to use reporting centre like BreezeReports. We can now check out the reports for our Google ads campaign, SEO campaign, Ranking, Blog, Google My Business and more anytime from anywhere on one platform, and forecast more accurately simply because the numbers are always handy and just a login away. We love this tool and it's one of the main reasons we left our previous provider and went with BreezeMaxWeb's digital marketing services.  

Marek Kasparen
Marketing Director, Above Mapping


With BreezeReports, you will be able to access your website's analytics and stats all in one easy to navigate report. Rather than going through multiple reports that only provide particular services, BreezeReports allows you to see all of your vital information in one place.

With how fast the internet is expanding, you need to be ahead of the curve on the trends in your industry and know when things will be changing. Having BreezeReports by your side will allow you to see monthly stats based on your digital marketing traffic and other actionable website analytics (like amount of clicks, the average page view length is, if they went elsewhere on your page, etc.), so you can stay with the status quo or make adjustments on the fly.

Get instant access to all of your website's stats in one place with BreezeReports, here is how it will help you:

  • Track your keyword rankings in real time
  • See where your website pages and blogs are trending on Google

Here is what you can expect to see in your monthly BreezeReport:

  • BreezeNet Analytics
  • BreezeQuest Analytics
  • SEO Ranking
  • BreezeHeat
  • Blogs
  • Google My Business Data
  • Back Link Tracking
  • BreezeTact Report
  • BreezeView Report

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