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The restaurant business is an extremely competitive industry with new restaurants closing and opening daily. With all of this competition, I found it difficult to come with my own restaurant marketing ideas. BreezeMaxWeb came up with innovative restaurant promotion ideas which helped my exposure online, as well as offline. I have gone from a one store franchise to a 23 store franchise and I know BreezeMaxWeb aided in my success.
Sam Osmow – Owner of Osmow Grill

Restaurant Marketing

BreezeMaxWeb’s marketing strategies for restaurants is expertly crafted to give you the most online exposure for your dollar. It allows for small – medium sized businesses to penetrate into markets that were unattainable to conventional paper advertising or marketing.


Restaurant SEO

SEO for individual restaurants or even franchises is as competitive as it gets. Many businesses are trying to rank for specific keywords like “Restaurant Marketing” or “Restaurant Marketing Ideas”. Let the SEO analysts at BreezeMaxWeb track down keywords for you that will help you convert website visits into sales arch.


Restaurant Website Design

A restaurant website design can make or break a business’ digital impact. If the website does not allow for easy call-to-actions or easy accessibility to contact your business, you will never drive internet leads to your location. The web developers at BreezeMaxWeb are experts at making a fluid, responsive restaurant website design for your business needs!

Restaurant Advertising

Due to the high volume of restaurants in the city, every restaurant is trying to fight for advertising space in paper ads, billboards and buses. However, with the digital age upon us, marketing online has become a new more efficient way to market your brand. Let our BreezeMaxWeb AdWords Technicians and graphic designers create highly converting google ads for you and your business. From digital ads – to video promotion services, BreezeMaxWeb is your final stop for restaurant marketing supremacy.
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SEO for Restaurants

SEO for restaurants is key, as it allows you to be differentiated from other competitors. If your brand has specific attributes that give you a strong comparative advantage, then you can specifically target keywords that you think potential customers will search on Google. Our Google certified SEO analysts will help you spread your brand up and down the Google universe. With so many restaurants vying for industry control your business cannot go without SEO.


Restaurant Website Design


A strong responsive website is important to all businesses, but for a restaurant due to the amount of competition it can literally make or break your internet leads. With so many choices a potential customer who gets confused on your website or has a bad user experience will very likely not convert. They will most likely end up leaving your website and heading to one of your competitors’ sites. Let BreezeMaxWeb web designers built you the ultimate Restaurant Website Design.


  • Responsive interactive interface
  • Unique design tailored to your brand
  • Effectively displays your google advertising or marketing
  • Efficient use of call-to-actions and other widgets

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