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Your Website:
Your company's website is a reflection on your business. It tries to show customers what you do and why choosing your company is in their best interest. Making sure that everything is fully tracked online will help to determine which pages work and which do not. Every business wants to succeed online and find ways to improve return on investment, ROI.

Tracking Effectively:
When it comes to online marketing or Google advertising, it is important to know which customers are being brought in. The only way to effectively see these results is to track everything. This includes form fills, quote requests, phone calls from ads and your website & even page views. Most companies say that online advertising is not success because nothing is being tracked properly and not enough time is given. The great idea behind online advertising is that tracking is completed and viewed in real time to help with quick adjustments when necessary.

Finding What to Improve On:
By tracking more, your company would know more. This helps with knowing if certain website pages need more work or ads need adjusting. Constant testing will only help to improve your company's website and conversion rates through online marketing. By seeing what customers prefer to see vs. what they do not, will help tremendously. Minor tweaks can also help to improve your company's conversion rate as including a contact form that is more visible or adding a promotion could increase sales. Combining your efforts with Analytics, connected to the website, will help show bounce rates and what the engagement rate is at.

Against Your Competition:
Your competitors are always looking to outbid and outwork online. This means that it is important for your company to use all the available resources and tools to succeed. With online advertising, there are many routes to take whether you want to capture searches, branding, event placement, offer coupons and much more. While it is good to see what your competition is doing, it is vital to have your company stand out. Never copy promotions or use the same type of text/ad copy as this will get lost by customers. In order to capture more, your company must find a niche within your customer base that will trigger them to use you instead of your competitor. By testing different images, ad copy, keywords and ads themselves it will provide valuable insight on what needs to be improved to capture more.

Looking to The Future:
Your company should focus on the present but also what the future has to offer. When it comes to digital marketing there is always new ways to reach customers. Your company needs to realize new trends and develop strategies to combat what your competition is doing. Stay up to date, check out ads from competitors and find ways to improve on them and make it about your company. Most importantly, putting into place tracking systems for ads is important and most channels have great tools already built in. Online marketing is a game that is played for both short and long term success. Your company needs to set goals, find ways to track and achieve them along with how to adapt with changing trends.

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