Google AdWords:
Google AdWords is great for small – large businesses but the real winners are the local vendors. Local businesses win when it comes to advertising online because many customers often want to visit both websites and stores of those around them. Those who have used the platform before knows that space is the most important part of said advertising. While Google does restrict word counts for ads and extensions many are often fine with what they are given. There is a wide range of ad content seen on Google search networks that sometimes are not optimized to portray what the company does to differentiate themselves. While there is a limit, some grammatical rules should be broken by abbreviating and creating 2-3 word sentences. This way companies are able to showcase their services all in one, allowing the user to know what they are clicking on.

When advertising on Google it is important to have a plan in mind on how your company will be portrayed and what services are the most important to showcase. While showing your operating hours are important, letting users know of promotions or specials trumps such as it is important to use space wisely. Google does provide some extra space in the form of Call Outs which is up to their discretion on when it will show. It is usually in this section that hours of operation is added but Google is now testing a new way to allow this to show.

As a local business it is important to make your address visible when advertising on the Google search network. While many users can visit your website it is important to show users where you are located before they click on your ad. In order to have this potentially show up a Google My Business account must be created with the address(s) added in and linked to the account itself. Just like with Call Outs Google decides whether or not to have this show when your ad shows up. If for example your companies address shows up but not the Call Outs with the business hours a click may be wasted if the user want to just see such or the reverse happens.

New Local Business Extension:
Google sees new opportunity in allowing businesses to show their hours with a menu that will allow users to see all the days by clicking on the expand icon. This new business extension will be placed to the right of the address location and is a good start is developing the local business advertising market even further. This will ensure that when you address shows up so does the hours of operation.

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