Sleepwell Bedding is a mattress company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba that has been providing quality, Winnipeg-made mattresses as well as mattress products since 1992. Their reputation of having the most affordable mattresses in Winnipeg is well earned and is supported by their line of mattresses including budget mattresses, comfort mattresses, and luxury mattresses. Building their business on customer satisfaction, Sleepwell Bedding offers customers a chance to see and feel their products by visiting their showrooms in Winnipeg. Sleepwell Bedding is all about helping their customers to sleep and live better, and it certainly shows with their dedication to their products.


Sleepwell Bedding was struggling with the following issues before becoming a BreezeMaxWeb client in early June, 2017:

  • Their website was ranking low on Google, meaning less online shoppers were being exposed to their products.
  • They were not reaching their full potential when it came to increasing their conversion rates (number of online visitors that turn into sales).
  • They were not showing up in Google Maps as a prominent mattress and mattress products retailer.


Sleepwell Bedding was in need of changes to their website in order to make it as accessible as possible and optimize it for online user traffic. Doing this would allow Sleepwell Bedding to keep up with their competition and increase their customer base. To help them achieve this, BreezeMaxWeb implemented the following strategies:

  • Identify the best keywords related to their business and implement them into the website, making the website much more searchable.
  • Optimize the website for conversions by making it easier to take in information and place online orders straight from the homepage and products pages.


The SEO Analysts and the appointed Media Consultant reviewed Sleepwell Bedding's website and compared it with those of competitors, working out exactly what needed to change in order to get ahead. To improve their ranking on Google, changes were made to the website's coding that helped Google to more easily recognize it, and an effective AdWords campaign was also created.

Executive Strategy


Our SEO Analysts made changes to the website and conducted effective SEO which increased accessibility and made the website more Google-friendly.


Keyword research related to Sleepwell Bedding's products was done an implemented, increasing the website's ranking on Google.


A Google AdWords campaign was launched in order to attract more online customers to the website.


SEO tactics were implemented successfully and Sleepwell Bedding's website moved up in Google's rankings to the first page for the majority of their keywords. Their website was improved, which resulted in:

  • Increased customer conversions
  • Longer session times
  • A substantial decrease in bounce rate (users leaving the site very shortly after opening it).

Tracking showed an 8.17% increase in conversions from organic searches and a 73.18% increase in new sessions (new visitors to the website). Lastly, there was a 52.81% decrease in organic search bounce rate.Sleepwell Bedding began showing up in Google Maps searches, giving them even more exposure to the residents of Winnipeg.

Looking at these analytics, we see the increase in sessions and conversions on Sleepwell Bedding's website since partnering with BreezeMaxWeb. Most notable are the decrease in bounce rate, increase in new sessions, and the overall increase in conversions stemming from organic searches on Google (searches performed by everyday people on Google).

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