BreezeMaxWeb® Nominated “Small Business of the Year”


The team at BreezeMaxWeb® is honoured to announce our nomination for the Small Business of the Year Award (Less than 100 employees) from Canadian SME Small Business Magazine!

The Small Business of the Year Award recognizes businesses that have demonstrated substantial growth over the last two years and are leading innovators with an impressive plan for future development.

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the Canadian economy, the creative innovators who provide a foundation for their communities to build on. Through their burgeoning businesses and markets, entrepreneurs drive our economy forward.

The Value of Entrepreneurs

The SME industry plays a vital role within the Canadian economy, and at BreezeMaxWeb®, we are passionate about helping business owners achieve—and exceed—their vision. Our mission is to empower business owners with the strategies, guidance and implementation to transform their business into a thriving machine to generate leads and sales.

The SME Business Awards are a symbol of excellence and achievement, acknowledging the hard work and dedication poured into their work over the past year.

We are honoured to have been considered for this prestigious award!

The deadline for choosing the winner is January 5th, 2023, and we will be marking the date on our calendars.

In January 2023, BreezeMaxWeb® will be reviewed by a panel of 20 Judges who are leading experts in academia and industry: from Canadian Business, Government, Law, IT, Public Affairs, and a diverse range of professional backgrounds, the panel will undergo a process to decide the winner based on:

  • Solid growth and a strong financial base

  • Growth potential for the future

  • Peer recognition

  • An innovative business approach, driving positive change

THANK YOU to our valued clients who inspire us daily to enhance our knowledge, resources and capabilities.

Finally, thank you to our dedicated staff, who are driven to help business owners transcend the limitations they previously thought possible!

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