BreezeText™ seems to be the most efficient and guaranteed method for us when it comes to getting our important messages and updates to our patients. The simple fact that we can custom tailor our program for various initiatives and pay a low monthly fee is also very appealing.  

George Mitsis
Clinic Manager, Dentistry in Bolton


Boost your customer interaction by sending automated text messages to your current and potential clients. Through BreezeText, you can send appointment reminders, send VIP promotions, and send surveys to engage with your customers.

BreezeText can also be integrated with BreezeReview to automatically send a text that asks the customer to review your products or services. Using BreezeText with BreezeBack can also streamline your promotional marketing pieces that customers receive when they sign up to your website or mailing list.

Complement your BreezeText With BreezeTact

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SMS Marketing SMS Marketing

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