Social Media Marketing Services

Our social marketing agency will help you get your business noticed on Facebook® assisting you in building a diverse and unique customer base. Thus, increasing your brand equity on one of the largest social marketing networks in the world and getting your brand seen by those that missed it the first time.
BlastXL™ – is a social media marketing product (Exclusive to BreezeBlast™), which will give your business the fundamental keys to success on Facebook® and will more importantly, allow you to get Facebook® likes. This will help your facebook® business page receive more traffic which will show on Facebook® graph search results for FREE. Your page could also be shown in “suggested pages” due to the relevance of customer’s searches on Facebook®.


We help to get your business seen on Twitter® assisting you in building an engaged audience and helping you grow your customer database. Thus, increasing your brand equity on one of the largest social media networks in the world and getting your business noticed by the masses.
BlastUP™ – The first product of its kind in Canada (Exclusive to BreezeBlast™). will give your business the foundation to success on Twitter® by increasing the amount of followers your Twitter® account currently has! This will hep you get noticed in Twitter® search results for Free & give you additional increased exposure on the “who to follow” section on Twitter®, this will generate a viral effect that will help you build a viable and unique database of people genuinely interested in what you have to offer!


Our Analytics Testimonial

We never thought a quick jump-start or social media boost from BlastXL™ & BlastUP™ would help us as much as it did when we first started the social media initiative for our business. With the help of BreezeBlast™, BreezeMaxWeb® and our consultant things have been pretty easy to understand when it comes to social networking!

Darryl Hyde-Whipp

Principle, Hyde Whipp Heating & Air Conditioning