Social Media Explosion:
Social Media has continued to ramp up with many companies competing for marketing exposure. With so many trying to reach their target audience, there is an increasing exposure of both competitions for organizations and annoyance for customers. With this explosion of online marketing through Social Media companies must be more in tune with what their customers are looking for in order to truly make the campaigns work.

Standing Out:
When it comes to developing create visual content on Social Media platforms companies must get to the point. Providing very unique selling points with a truly visual component will help keep your company ahead of the competition. The best way to stand out is to have multiple campaigns developed each with an end or expiry date to take advantage of a particular sale that is occurring to help entice more sales.

Social Media is one of the best ways for companies to brand themselves and build a solid community foundation. Social Media should be used as the backbone of a company's profile as this is the easiest way for customers to interact with each other and the brand. Keeping consistent with your brand's message is the most difficult part of the situation as all content, images, posts and ads should be in line with the same voice.

Breaking Through Visibility:
As visibility of your company on Social Media diminishes the best way to make sure you break through is by seeing what others are doing. By analyzing other ads and content from companies, yours can make sure not to go down the same path and take a different spin. If most companies in your industry are writing similar content and posting it through Social Media, then yours should take the opposite or a new approach to the same idea.

Social Media of the Future:
While Social Media is always a changing landscape one thing is certain, that changes will always occur to news feeds and visibility. The best advice for companies is to truly spend lots of time analyzing what is happening and what's changing, find a weak point and use it as an opportunity. When the ways posts are seen changes again then reanalyze to exploit for more opportunities. While this is time consuming, no longer can companies afford to forget about Social Media, unless they want to be left behind. Putting in the proper time and effort will help ensure that your engagement goes up, your company is more visible and overall more sales will be made.

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