Still Not Sure About AdWords? Change Your Mindset


How It Works:
Simply put Google AdWords is a way for your company to reach potential customers with instant visibility online. Your company has the ability to choose which phrases to show up for, how much to bid, what you want to tell your customers and have it all tracked. AdWords is an easy way to show up when customers are searching for particular services or products that your company can fill. Whether you sell shoes, a travel agency or sell very specific products, any business can you AdWords. Your company can make sure that specific marketing costs are controlled and adjusted according to how much business is being brought in. The AdWords system is one that helps companies build a better base and improve how many customers are able to see your website.

The Best Channels:
With Google AdWords there are many options available including display (image) advertising, remarketing, search, video (YouTube) along with extra tracking from Analytics. While it may seem like a lot of think about, the process is pretty easy. Your company must figure out what the goal is from using pay per click advertising. If your company wants to focus on branding then Display and Remarketing ads are the best route. If your company is looking for conversions (form fills and phone calls) then search campaigns have the highest return. If you want to get a message across through video then YouTube is the best to handle this.

Which Fits Your Needs:
Companies may wonder why anyone would focus on display ads vs search if the conversion rate is lower but having a combination helps the most. Branding is great for new businesses and conversions may occur later. Branding purposed campaigns are a great way to reach millions of users a month. Search will never come close to reaching that many users and therefore even if more conversions occur, your company name may not get known as quickly as you want. Combining some of your marketing budget towards display ads will help with branding while spending most on search could assist with more conversions.

Optimizing made Easy:
Optimization of AdWords campaigns are easy as the system shows more than enough data and statistics. Using the statistics will help with testing, comparing and making changes. These changes may be keywords, match types, ad rotation, ad copy and much more. The only way for a marketing channel to work and provide a return on investment is to see results and test. AdWords offers lots of ways to test and see everything that your company would ever need. From knowing the basic click through rate and number of impressions to conversion rate percentage and impression share. By finding the right numbers to be used for your company it will better allow for adaptation to your competition.

Your Competition:
Chances are your competition is advertising on Google AdWords to gain more branding and increase revenue. With today’s shift in the marketing world, most companies are doing some form of online advertising. Whether through Social Media, Pay Per Click, Coupon sites or much more. Your competition is always looking to stay on step ahead and if your company is not advertising online you are easily falling behind. Most customers are constantly on Google through their phones, tablets or computers and it is your company’s job to capture more market and stay in the loop. Google AdWords is one of the easiest, most affordable and most controlled form of marketing that provides easy reporting & statistics.

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