"To have success in the new age of digital advertising businesses need to have a robust online presence"

- NYB Media


MF Couture
Apr 07, 2020

I am so pleased with the excellent service and support provided by BreezMaxWeb.+

Manijeh Fanaian

Prana Pharmacy
Apr 06, 2020

I am writing you this email as an appreciation for Olivana’s effort & to elaborate her excellent customer service.+

Robert Francis

Somatic Psyche
Mar 24, 2020

I have been tremendously happy with BreezeMaxWeb and with my main contact, Stevan!+

Daphne Georghiou

Aspen Truck Sales & Leasing
Mar 10, 2020

Highly recommend BreezeMaxWeb to anybody thinking of using their services. Very professional, our requests get processed in a very fast manner. Blair, our representative went above and beyond with requests we had, both PRE & POST commitment.+

Ashton Hoy-Singh

Brawn Bros
Feb 26, 2020

BreezeMaxWeb has been great to work with thus far. Our consultant has suggested some great marketing ideas for us. In addition, their Social Media team has been very easy to work with and prompt in responding to our emails and phone calls.+

Hisham Bejjany

Lights Up Theatre Schools
Feb 25, 2020

My time with BreezeMaxWeb has been great so far! I have a few services with them and each department is quick with responding to my emails and phone calls.+

Mike Wight

Nov 07, 2019


Not a problem and I do appreciate you taking the time to investigate and for looking into the root cause of the matter and it’s good to know what the counter-measure is as well.+

Matt Lazarou

Westar Financial Inc.
Dec 10, 2019


My experience with your BreezeMaxWeb representative (Dustin Bell) has been a very productive one for my company.+

John Madsen

Lee Long Construction
Dec 28, 2019


We've been working with BreezeMaxWeb for over 2 years.+

Qing Huan Li

A Econo Moving & Storage LTD
Oct 15, 2019

Nothing but great, best group to work with.

Car Fixers Autobody
Oct 4, 2019

BreezeMaxWeb is a great service. Worth its weight in gold. My business may be where it is today without them.

Aca Steckler

Zen Beauty Supply
Oct 24, 2019

I wanted to pass on a compliment to you on one of your employee's. When Blair first walk in I was not sure about setting up another website or working with someone. +

Progressive Physio
Jan 8, 2019

With so many website businesses to choose from, we found the right company. Jim Clark is a true professional and personable person. +

Craig Haslam

Desjardins Insurance Agency
Apr 30, 2019

I have been dealing with Darryl from BreezMaxWeb for the last year and my experience with Darryl and the company have been outstanding.


Remax Realty
April 30, 2019

Excellent service and support, Alex Baraya managed my account and the support was amazing. Good company to grow your business with.

4 Points Safety & Training Inc.
Feb 26, 2019

I have had a great experience with Mykola at Breezemax Web. I've been dealing with Mykola since September of 2018 and he continues to deliver outstanding service! +

CJ Stewart

Cumby Insurance
Jan 16, 2019

This is a testimonial for BreezeMaxWeb.

My digital media consultant is Mykola Stepovy.


Kaloya Skin Care Spa & Laser
August 1, 2018

I am very pleased with the SEO services that BreezeMaxWeb has provided me. I especially like working with Sarandeep who is a joyful person and goes out of her way to help my website grow.


CNB Computers Inc.
June 18, 2018

James Peters is a boon to his company for his extensive knowledge and his good nature while dealing with me and our company concerns.+

Don Cairns

Your Local HVAC Team Inc.
June 2018

We have had the pleasure of working with Linda Cryderman in Muskoka since opening our business in March 2017. She has been a wonderful wealth of knowledge for all things Google.+

Beyond Boxing
March 26, 2018

Our gym started working with BreezeMaxWeb back in November. +

Green Frog Construction Inc.
May 23, 2018

Breezemaxweb staff are very knowledgeable, and professional. They have done a great job for our company with Google Ad words.

We look forward to working with Breezemaxweb again in the future.+

Tuffy Auto Service Center
May 18, 2018

I have contracted with BreezeMaxWeb for them to handle my Google AdWords campaign. I can't begin to describe how pleased I am with the performance of the program they have put together. There has been a noticeable increase in vehicle traffic & sales since the inception of the program.+

Funky Fishing
Jan 25, 2018

I would like to thank-you again Brenan for the outstanding service and all the work put in. You have gone above and beyond in educating me on Google, walking me through the steps at my own pace, making me aware of all the important details etc. +

Dec 07, 2017

I just want to thank the technical support staff at BreezeMax for their quick, responsive help. We had issues with the Bell Server that was hosting our site, which led to our site going offline.+

We reached out the BreezeMax for help with this and they responded to our request immediately, and were able to resolve the issue with Bell very quickly, getting the site back online in just a couple of hours. Their help and service was appreciated, and it saved us having to deal with Bell, who might not as been as quick to resolve this issue. Thanks BreezeMax.

Gary J.

AM PM Limousines
Sep 15, 2017

When it comes to AdWords BreezeMaxWeb is the best. I have been their customer since 2012 if you are looking for results go with these guys.+

There are a lot of other cheaper alternatives out there but you will just end up wasting your money and will not get the results you need.

I started with them in September of ' 17. In March I increased my AdWord budget and saw an immediate positive result!

Rafiq R.

Zara's Hair & Esthetics
Aug 22, 2017

The team at BreezeMaxWeb is amazing. They created my website in a short time. They are creative and very easy to work with.+

They get your feedback and lay it out on the website. I like to appreciate Sergei, Kim, Princess and Hamed for their wonderful services. They were very patient with me and made the website the way I had imagined it

I am looking forward to continue working with them in ranking my website on Google with their SEO skills. I definitely recommend them giving them a five star *****

Behnam Hamadani

Belo Fashions Boutique
May 11, 2017

I just want to say, we are very pleased with BreezeMaxWeb and Chris Meunier. Overall, Chris was very thorough and patient with us during the initial set-up phase.+

We have been in business for over 40 years, but a lot has changed in advertising over the years. We had a negative past experience when we tried to go digital, and it took a bit to get past that. But we are very happy we are now consistently on the first page of Google. And we have seen an increase in calls and sales, which is exactly what we want.

Linda Silvia

Sara's Soaps and Candles
May 10, 2017

Thank you BreezeMaxWeb. As an entrepreneur, that has bootstrapped a new venture into the market, I appreciate how you have helped me.+

I started my business from my apartment and then moved into studio, and am now poised to get a warehouse and distribute North America wide. Your team and especially Chris Meunier, has brought my business goals one-step closer, with fast and effective digital media solutions.

Sara Mcintyre

Diamond Shine
May 08, 2017

I have the deepest gratitude for BreezeMaxWeb. They were fast, efficient, and reliable when helping me put up a new business website.+

I went to them after my website had just went down and they were able to reconstruct and put together one of the best site designs I have ever seen on a short notice even during a holiday weekend! The entire team was so patient with all my requests and the communication was better than expected. They were able to satisfy all my requirements and went above and beyond with the site design. A special thank you goes out to Sanda Gwynne for being so helpful and reliant during my situation and thank you to the whole team for their incredible efforts. if you would like to view the site, here is the link https://www.diamondshine.ca


Natural North Carpet Cleaning
April 28, 2017

We wanted to update you on our progress and the results of your efforts on our behalf with Google Ad Words.+

When you first approached us with the idea three years ago, I have to admit that we were very skeptical and reluctant to commit to the program. However, you did convince us to give it a go, and we are very happy that you did. Today we know that if you don't go Google, you will go nowhere!

Our business has grown because of your efforts to help us build our sales. We can now report that 70% of our new business comes from our online ads with Google. Our return from the phone directories is dwarfed by the results from Google.

Thank you for the eye opener !

Norm Miners

License to Drive
January 26, 2017

As a new business we looked at various ways to advertise economically and decided that the internet was our best bet.+

Our web site did not appear on the first page so we searched how this could be done and contacted BreezeMaxWeb that showed us what they did for their customers using adwords. We decided to sign up but did not want the ads to start till roughly end of March. They convinced me that people search well in advance for what they are looking for and we started the ads January 15. WOW! The first week we had booked more business to my surprise, that was enough to recover our start up costs. The enquiries continue to come and we have booked well over 250 hours of driver training in less than two weeks of our ads starting. I highly recommend BreezeMaxWeb for all your internet advertising.

Todd and Anna McGivern

Colleen Madsen
November 2016

Hello Dustin. I wanted to share with you how pleased we are with the work you and your team completed for our new logo, as we work on rebranding our firm.+

Having been through this on more than one occasion in the past with other design firms, it was an unexpected surprise that the process was so seamless, quick, cost-effective and exactly as promised. More importantly, the results were nothing short of brilliant. Your design team "nailed it!" from the very beginning and I can't thank you enough for your efforts on our behalf. We are happy to recommend you to anyone who is looking for any of the services you provide and we appreciate your direct approach, transparency, and your ability to explain what often feels like a "mystery" into something tangible to a business owner like myself.


Contact Pest Control
May 2016

I am writing to commend both BreezeMaxWeb as a company and my media consultant, Bonnie Chung. I started working with BreezeMaxWeb and Bonnie since September 2015.+

As I was rebranding my new company, they helped me with my new website, domain and even my logo. Once that was completed to my utmost satisfaction, Bonnie and her team helped me create and maintain my successful Adwords campaign. In just the first 2-3 weeks of starting my Adwords campaign, I received over 20 emails/phone calls from potential clients. On average, I gain approximately 10 new clients every single month, and this is during my slow season where the weather has been chilly. I know I will be getting even more clients once the weather warms up.

I get great support from Bonnie and her team, where we communicate frequently any day of the week and at any time during the day. Whenever I need changes to be made to my campaign, it gets done quickly. If I had questions or needed recommendations for changes, BreezeMaxWeb provided honest suggestions that helped improve my campaign on an ongoing basis. My business has been growing in such a great way that I have actually expanded my marketing budget a couple of times already. My experience with BreezeMaxWeb and with Bonnie has been exceptional and I look forward to continuing working together for more success and growth with my business!

Taha El Bajaoui

Charhill Gallery
April 2016

I have worked with BreezeMaxWeb for a little over 3 months and have found that the service they advertise for Google AdWords has helped my business grow and also in getting me ranked in Google.+

They assisted in set my Google Site Map so that I am found on Google. My company Charhill Gallery and is an e-commerce site selling High-end Jewellery and in a competitive market today a business can use a little extra Google help. My Sales Rep Sanda Gwynne is very knowledgeable in the industry and is checking in on regular basis to see if I require any changes to my campaign or if I have any questions. Overall, the experience with BreezeMaxWeb Team has been Good!!

Curin Galan

Daily Press Juicery
April 2016

I met Bonnie Chung, my media consultant, at a Google breakfast event in November 2015 held by Google and BreezeMaxWeb, and right away, Bonnie was able to provide very useful information and recommendations on how to increase traffic to my new business.+

Since I have started with BreezeMaxWeb, I have seen an overall increase of traffic to my website and to my store front. I have constant communication with Bonnie and she follows up with me every month to check on new promotions that need to be advertised. If I had any changes or requests, BreezeMaxWeb was fast to respond and made the changes in a very timely fashion. This is a company that understands the needs of a small business and how to help increase traffic.

Timothy Ngai

Cabana Tanning Spa
April 2016

I started working with BreezeMaxWeb and my consultant, Bonnie Chung in November 2015. In the first month of starting my Adwords campaign, I got 25 new clients and that was during my slowest month of the year.+

I was so happy with the results of this campaign that I increased my budget and expanded my advertising areas after only 2 months. I opened a new tanning salon, so I knew I needed to do some advertising online and on Google. I tried various marketing strategies, including traditional marketing, but none that yielded any results. I love working with Bonnie as she is quick to respond and gave great recommendations that made the campaign more successful and yet stayed within my budget. She knew exactly what I wanted because she listened to my needs. Since I have started with BreezeMaxWeb, I now have over 150 new clients from advertising on Google!!

Anna Maria Antonacci

Colour Addiction Inc
April 2016

We have been a client of BreezeMaxWeb's since April 2015 and they have shown us with our first page visibility on Google that their program really works.+

There are many promised programs out there that don't work We are a hair salon in Oakville and through BreezeMaxWeb's efforts, we have gained 60 new customers for our business since we started in May 2015. We would highly recommend BreezeMaxWeb with their professional advice on how to improve your customer base online.

Sam Stalteri

Brenda's Dog Spa
February 2016

I have been using BreezeMaxWeb for the past 9 months and not only am I pleased with my first page visibility at or near the top of the page but I have obtained over 75 new dogs to either groom, board or walk because of this program since the start.+

Mike Paxton, my sales consultant has contacted me regularly, answering questions I had with regards to my adwords report, copies of my invoices and in general how effective Google is with the right keyword phrases and consistent positioning using the BreezeMaxWeb way. All in all, I would highly recommend BreezeMaxWeb for their expertise and how they manage their customers. With all this said, I plan to increase my investment with BreezeMaxWeb once my contract ends with another online advertising provider where I have experienced poor communication and virtually no response in increased business from their program.

Brenda Bott

Holiday Housing Rentals
April 2016

I am writing this letter to vouch for anyone thinking about working with BreezeMaxWeb or Tanner Clarkson.+

I have been in the Information Technology field since 2007 and have worked with advertising and marketing advanced technological services since 2008. Before I started advertising with BreezeMaxWeb I was very familiar with how Google advertising worked. However, I am truly blown away by the results that BreezeMaxWeb has provided. Instantly, I noticed an increase in quality traffic to the website and within the first week of advertising received new clientele. Furthermore, everything that Tanner promised exceeded my expectations;

  1. My click-thru-rate was over 1000x better than what Google qualified as a good CTC;
  2. My cost per-click has steadily decreased since the beginning of the campaign;
  3. The support team was quick, efficient and even when there was a minor problem it was instantly fixed;
  4. Tanner made suggestions that emphasized improving my business, and was only ever a phone call away.

I could go on about the service BreezeMaxWeb provided but I will leave any business owners with this, you can sleep easy knowing that BreezeMaxWeb is handling your digital advertising.

Andrew Just

Trafalgar Village Dental
Mar 4, 2014

I tried Adwords myself, but did not have as much success as I was dedicating my time to my practice and lacked the time required to make it work.+

Our Google Partner at BreezeMaxWeb took care of the technical side of Google Adwords. With their expertise and guidance we started seeing success and an increased client base.

Dr. Nitin Kapoor

Gord's Carpet Cleaning
Mar 4, 2014

As I told you, I'm extremely happy with the service so far. It is a slow time of year, as you know, however I've been averaging a call a day from people who have looked for a carpet cleaner on google.+

The best news is that I've booked every customer who called me. And, they weren't just all in the Durham region. I even had a downtown restaurant book a job. If it's working so well already I expect to have a very busy and profitable year. Thanks for your help. Please feel free to pass my number on to anyone who would like my opinion on your service


Action Pest Control Services Inc.
October 29, 2012

We have been using BreezeMaxWeb for the past 2 years for all of our online advertising programs and they have exceeded our expectations.+

Ron Adams has been looking after our account and we are very satisfied with the service he has provided. We replaced two other SEO companies that did not deliver the same as BreezeMaxWeb has. We have consistently placed in the top three rankings of Google since using them. I have no problem recommending their service to anyone.

Jim Miner

President Clean Max LTD.

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude towards your company for helping me figure out this whole Google thing, which I must say was very confusing to myself until one of your consultants sat down with me & explained to me what I was missing out on.+

What I was currently doing I have to admit was not doing too well for me. So when I saw the response from literally the first day my ad went up onto Google it was unbelievable. I have never had any advertising like this work so well for me and at what I see now to be an extremely fair price. I also like the fact that your company knows how to treat their customers something I found other companies were getting away from which is "good old fashioned customer service". So I want to thank everybody at BreezemaxWeb again for helping me take my business where I've wanted to take it and faster than I could have possibly done on my own. I recommended any business owner to do this and have the peace of mind I know have with this company.

Gul Hassan

B&D Roofing
May 15, 2011

I own and operate B&D Roofing in the Dufferin County area which is comprised of many small towns in rural areas like Orangeville, Alliston, and Caledon.+

Since I opened I had been advertising where everyone else advertises; Yellowpages, Canpages, Powerpages, flyers, home reno magazines, and a few other places too. This year I had a chance to meet Steve and he introduced me to the BreezeMaxWeb Google advertising service. At first I was skeptical, but now that I have been a client for a long time, I see that they deliver great, consistent results! My ads are up 24/7 on the first page of Google like they guaranteed and business has never been better. As well, after just one month my website could be seen in the paid ads, the local listings and in the organic section. On most Google searches I was being seen up to three times on the first page. I've dealt with many other online advertising companies in the past but no one has ever delivered like BreezeMaxWeb! I highly recommend using their services to anyone who needs great exposure on Google. Thanks again guys.

Scott Barthorpe

Plus 12 Design and Print
May 15, 2011

This is a letter of recommendation to BreezeMaxWeb for excellence in Google advertising.+

I had been inundated with calls from overseas and US about Google advertising and I never went for it. I thought that foreigners do not know my local market and thus didn't pay attention to Google advertising. I got a phone call from a BMW rep about Google advertising and it was a pleasant surprise to hear a local person speak so highly about Google that I wanted to meet this gentleman. After a 30 minute meeting, where a solid program at a very affordable rate was agreed upon, I signed a month by month contract to begin on the first of Sept. 2009. To my amazement, my website traffic increased 200%, my $500 invested returned $4000 in sales in the first month alone. Ever since then, I have been getting phone calls from clients finding me on Google and I am very pleased with my Google campaign. I would highly recommend anyone to at least try it once to see the results; I was shocked, I am sure you will be too.

Arbi Haroutunian

Dodds Garage Door Systems Inc.


I wanted to thank you for the excellent job your company is doing managing our Google Adword campaign.+

As you know, I was skeptical at first, having managed the campaign on my own and then turning the reigns over to your company. It was taking me too much time to maintain it effectively. Not only did you bring a high standard of expertise to the SEM portion of our Google presence, you also helped us achieve better results on our Local Map ranking and our SEO through your expert guidance. That was value-added I did not anticipate. Unequivocally, I would strongly recommend your company to any business looking for a partner who not only stands by their commitment to provide quality and expertise but goes over and above to provide advice, guidance, and help in achieving a better online profile. BreezeMaxWeb is the real deal, a company that does what it says it will do and does it very well. Thank you and your team for providing our company with a service we don't have to fret over. Knowing that online advertising is at an initial stage of growth in Canada compared to Europe, I am confident, as we move toward the European model, you will provide what is necessary to aid us in keeping our costs low and our profits high compared to our competition.

Len Dubowitz

Funzone Party Centre Ltd.

To the staff of BreezeMaxWeb,

I'm writing this letter of recommendation to BreezeMaxWeb for the simple reason that I am a new business owner that has had the blessing of meeting and working with a representative from the company that took amazingly great care of my needs and expectations.+

This is the first time I have gone into business, I bought this existing business that was not doing as well as I thought it should of when I first bought it. But after learning about what was happening in the marketplace from the informative representative I was able to make a decision based on facts, numbers, and most importantly for me as a business owner the R.O.I. from this investment into my company. We have seen tremendous results and knew that the first page of Google is where we had to be. After getting a few quotes from various other companies we felt that BreezeMaxWeb was the best bang for the buck considering what they were going to do for us which no other company could do! So I feel confident in writing this letter of recommendation because this is a company that actually deserves it and one I am willing to put my name behind because numbers just don't lie and I'm sure you'll be as delighted as I am when you sit down and talk to one of their representatives.

Jessy Thomas

Poolside Swimming

Thank you so much for all your hard work and assistance in helping us to promote Poolside Swimming in the Halton-Peel region. We were thoroughly impressed with how quickly BreezeMaxWeb designed, created, and implemented the entire business website and set up the domain in less than 3 days!


The Poolside Swimming business website now offers a comprehensive overview of the services available to clients and important information concerning the progression of swimming levels. This has allowed Poolside Swimming to generate new business leads from a wider region, and has given the business far more opportunities for future growth, something that every thriving business values greatly! Thank you kindly for taking the time to offer your expertise, consulting, and advice in developing the online advertising program for Poolside Swimming. Not only did BreezeMaxWeb start generating new business leads immediately in the first week, Poolside Swimming was able to achieve a strong ROI for the advertising dollars spent with BreezeMaxWeb within the very first month! Not only will Poolside Swimming continue to partner with BreezeMaxWeb for future online advertising programs, we also plan to expand our territorial reach and invest more into your programs next spring. We look forward to working closely with BreezeMaxWeb in the future, and again thank you for helping us grow Poolside Swimming to date.

Michael Pitt

Two Men and a Truck

Dear Bruce,

It is with great pleasure that I am able to write this letter to you regarding your services at BreezeMaxWeb to let others know the positive effect it has had on our being able to market ourselves and enjoy growth within our business.


When you first entered the doors at Two Men and a Truck last year, it was with skepticism that we listened to you describe the results we would experience if we were to subscribe to your service. We were currently displeased with the inconsistent placement of our "googled" description that we were paying an outside provider to look after for us. You guaranteed that we are going to come in the first and the top of the page when searchers typed in the criteria that we determined. We don't claim to understand how or why, but we can with great relief and satisfaction let you know that you have delivered on your promise and come through where others had failed for us. In an online world, it is imperative for us and most businesses, that when curious minds go searching, our business not only appears on the first page but at the top. This has given us the opportunity to serve those in our territory and develop our business as we strive to become a household name in the moving industry. As we talk about our own business, it's not enough to talk the talk but you must also be willing to walk the walk, with a desire to exceed customer's expectations and it's a pleasure to do business with someone who maintains the same values and customer service.

Tracy Brohm

King Ritson Dental Clinic

To the staff of BreezeMaxWeb,

Dear Cindy,

Our office has been using BreezeMaxWeb for the past 3 years and we have been very happy with their services.


Our new patients have increased by 50% since we incorporated BreezeMaxWeb into our marketing plan. I highly recommend Cindy Sutton and BreezeMaxWeb.

Dr. A. Camastra

Benjamin Moore
July 31, 2018

Since I started with Mykola with Breezemaxweb to advertise for my Benjamin Moore Stores, I not only have seen an increase in my business and exposure, but also streamlined and modified how my online presence was actually being presented to people looking for me.+

Danny Heikkinen

Can-Am RV Centre
May 02, 2018

At Can-Am RV Centre, we are more than pleased with the service and results we have gotten from BreezeMaxWeb.+

It's Payday Inc.
April 11, 2018

I was a little skeptical at first dealing with a new SEO company, but since It's Payday Inc. signed up 5 months ago our web traffic has increased every month, from the second month onwards. +

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