The Importance of Social Media Marketing for Your Business


Marketing through popular social media platforms is a powerful way for your business to reach potential, as well as existing customers. Speaking directly to your target audience through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like is one of the best ways to understand what they’re truly looking for in a product or service like yours.

But what does social media marketing entail? As a popular internet marketing strategy, your company will share content relating to what you’re offering over social media platforms. From uploading images and texts to videos that are a few minutes long, there is little to sacrifice when utilizing this successful marketing tool.

Improved Brand Awareness:
This is a stress-free way to digitally market yourself in order to increase business visibility. Creating social media profiles for your company across various platforms will significantly increase the chances of people recognizing your brand. 91% of companies have claimed that working on social media marketing for a few hours each week has increased their brand awareness greatly. With regular use, employing social media for your business will widen your audience in no time.

Cost-Effective Marketing:
Compared to other advertising strategies, using social media to market your business is the most cost-effective option, as creating an account on many platforms is free. However, there are some avenues on social media that involve paid advertisement opportunities. If you decide to try them, start small to see the kind of impact it has on your business. It’s important to focus on gaining the biggest return on your investment without compromising the integrity of your product or service.

Engagement with Customers:
Communicating with both existing and potential customers on social media is one of the reasons this marketing strategy is so successful. Interacting with users who are interested and invested in your brand allows for a two-way conversation to take place. Not only does your business benefit from getting real-time feedback on products and services that may need adjusting, but customers are more willing to stick with a company that listens and responds to the discussion at hand.

Brand Loyalty:
People use social media to connect with friends, family, admired celebrities and brands that they find interesting. The more your business communicates its values and intentions with your audience, the more users will gravitate and connect with what you have to offer. Building customers that are loyal to you works in correspondence with customer satisfaction. Bonding with them over any aspect of your business will demonstrate that you care, and want to make sure each customer feels encouraged to return to your business’s page.

Boosts Your Site’s SEO:
Search engine optimization (SEO) is key for increasing traffic to any website. Without this organic concept focused on increasing visibility, your business’s site will end up floating around in an endless sea of forgotten content. This can be as simple as revamping older content alongside the new content that’s consistently being added to your site.

If you find yourself interested in diving into social media marketing but aren’t sure where to start, then companies like BreezeMaxWeb are at your disposal. As a digital marketing agency, our SEO teams specialize in helping your business reach the most people through Google Advertising. Helping both small and mid-sized businesses across Canada, visit our website to learn more.

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