The Maids

The Maids is a professional house cleaning service located in Ontario and provides services to Richmond Hill, Markham, Aurora and North York as well as other places throughout the Greater Toronto Area. With a large team of qualified professional cleaning staff, The Maids are trained to help your home become cleaner and healthier. With state of the art cleaning equipment and their customized 22-Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System, The Maids provide quality cleaning services and customer care.


Before engaging with BreezeMaxWeb in August, 2017, The Maids were receiving new customers on a monthly basis but encountered the following problems:

  • They had the resources to provide professional cleaning services to more houses than they were serving, and thus wanted to increase their number of clients.
  • They wanted to lower their Cost per Click (CPC), which is the actual price being paid for each click.
  • They also wanted to lower their Cost per Acquisition (CPA), which is the price is being paid for each click on an acquisition (such as a form submitted, a contact form requested etc.)


The Maids already had their own website, but they needed to modernize it in order to receive more customer traffic, as well as bringing it up to the current standards of other websites (specifically their competitors). In response to this, some of the strategies that BreezeMaxWeb came up with included:

  • A new website that was mobile friendly and had increased user experience and user interface
  • Revamp the website to make it more intuitive for their clients to use while still providing accurate information and easy access for their clients to get in contact with them


The Media Consultant and the SEO Analysts at BreezeMaxWeb reviewed The Maid's website, analyzed the client's situation and needs and researched their competitors. With that in mind, they decided that The Maids needed an integrated marketing campaign, a newly updated website, and Pay per Click advertising that provided direct traffic to the site.

Execution Strategy


Our team of Web Developers built five new fully optimized landing pages for the locations of Richmond Hill, Stouffville, Thornhill, Unionville and Willowdale.


The SEO Analysts conducted quality onsite SEO for their existing pages which increased the user experience and organically increased the website's ranking on Google.


Conducted keyword research that related to The Maid's services in order for them to reach a higher ranking on Google.


Once the newly revamped website was launched, it gave The Maids a competitive advantage over their competitors because it provided users with a fluid experience that:

  • Increased page views
  • Lengthened session durations
  • Decreased bounce rate for organic traffic

Our tracking showed that once the new website was launched, The Maids received 12 conversions in August (the first month they worked with us), and 56 conversions in September. Their Cost per Click dropped from $9.29 to $7.74 which resulted in 30 more clicks for their allotted budget.

This compares sessions from August 28, 2017 to September 19, 2017 and September 19, 2017 to October 10, 2017

Users: a user is anyone that is browsing the website, whether they are a returning visitor or a new one. There was an increase of 0.39% in users, with an increase in new visitors to the site.

Bounce Rate: the number of visitors that leave the site shortly after visiting it. The bounce rate showed a positive increase in 4.90% meaning more people are visiting the site and staying on it, rather than leaving right away.

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