The Main Responsibilities of an SEO Agency!


In this digital age, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can make or break brands. This is probably the reason why SEO agencies are offering specialized and targeted services and differ in their scope of work and responsibilities from traditional advertising or marketing agencies. Some of the main responsibilities of an SEO agency are:

Bringing the SEO perspective in everything!:
One of the key responsibilities of any SEO agency is to bring the Search Engine Optimization perspective in any issue, task, question or query that they have been assigned with. On occasions, formulating a written or detailed response may take some time, but this is one key aspect that keeps the client assured. The main intent is to answer clients’ questions from an SEO perspective and not balk in responding.

Defining SEO goals and strategy:
Setting your goals for your SEO campaign can be challenging. There are various reasons why business owners opt for SEO. Some of the most compelling reasons are building thought leadership, increasing digital presence, boosting sales or establishing brand recognition. However, it is imperative to work with your SEO agency to set realistic goals on what can be achieved in what timelines. A reputed and experienced SEO agency will be able to give, not only the right goals but also realistic timelines on what can or cannot be achieved through SEO. Moreover, they will also plan your site content, blogs and keywords according to your goals.

If you have ever waited for weeks or months before your agency gets back to you with a response, you know what we are talking about. For a business owner, it can be frustrating to have to wait for hours, weeks or months to get a response to their emails, questions and conversations. A good SEO agency shouldn't make their clients wait a long time for a short chat, quick discussions or standing meetings. Moreover, in the event of a technical issue or issues in crawling, indexing etc., the SEO agency must immediately rectify the problem and direct the technical team to make the necessary amends on priority.

Recommending a content strategy:
Reputed SEO agencies like BreezeMaxWeb offer holistic SEO services for their clients and content strategy is a big part of it. Incidentally, content on your site plays a crucial role in dictating the natural search performance. Your SEO agency must have an opinion on what kind of content should your site have on the basis of site visitor behaviour, search trends and site architecture. Moreover, the agency must also generate new ideas around content and design strategy around it to yield optimum natural search results. Given that content is such an imperative aspect of SEO, many SEO agencies today are offering integrated content writing servicesas part of their SEO contract.

Competitive tracking:
Along with optimizing your digital presence, another key function of the SEO agency is to keep themselves updated of the latest algorithms. Whenever a new algorithm is released that is suitable for your business, your SEO partner must communicate it to you immediately and try to implement it pronto.

Researching keywords:
Researching for keywords is of paramount importance to any SEO activity. SEO revolves majorly around contextual relevance and keyword research can determine what kind of content themes can fetch maximum relevance to search engines. Moreover, in-depth keyword research can also give direction to your company’s overall content strategy.

Monitoring webmaster tools:
Through state-of-the-art tools featured in Google, your agency can provide you detailed information on errors, crawl statistics, impressions, site traffic and rankings, among other parameters.

Site audit:
Search engines are dynamic and so is your site content. SEO agency must conduct regular site audits of your site to make sure the keywords and content are in sync with reports. They should make sure to change negative impacts and probably use an audit form to detail the amendments that need to be done to improve your performance.

Performance review:
Finally, monthly, weekly or quarterly SEO performance results depict if the SEO agency is being able to deliver the big brand promise. No matter what your SEO goal is, your SEO agency must provide a transparent account of what they have achieved on a mutually agreed timeline. Ideally, results must be accompanied by recommendations and future strategy. This gives you visibility on what to expect going forward and shapes management strategy.

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