A Fresh New Look:
Over the last short while Google has been allowing advertisers to test their new and improved platform interface. With this new interface there are a lot of new techniques and shortcuts that can be used to get the most out of your advertising. This includes more insights and a redefined dashboard to help provide the most information with a quick glance. They are trying to make it look and feel better. It is allowing advertisers to spend more time on what matters, getting results online. The new interface has a lot of new features to help companies get the most out of their online pay per click advertising. It provides various new reporting on various topics to help adjust online strategy and eventually gain more customers on a consistent basis.

Income Reporting:
The new interface allows for demographic reporting which now includes household income. This means that your company can dive deeper into performance and see how your campaigns are performing compared to the income of households. This is a great tool extension in the platform that will allow for bid adjustment to be set at campaign and ad group level. This will help better capture the right audiences for your business. There are many other demographic factors other than income that should go into finding the right customerbut this helps to narrow it down even further. It is important that your company truly understands who will use/purchase your service/products and target them specifically to try and capture the market.

The Most Effective Landing Page:
While it is no surprise that a well crafted landing page can help in turning traffic to leads, soon AdWords will help companies with this. There will be a tool within the new platform which allows a performance rating based on the landing pages from keywords. This means that Google will keep further pushing the need to provide a better user experience online through desktop, mobile and tablets. This insight page will help companies understand how it can be improved and ways to capture more leads on a consistent basis. The goal of Pay Per Click advertising is to bring your website into visibility. Driving traffic to your website is part 1 and capturing those visiting is part 2. If only half of this occurs then it could turn into a wasted effort. Landing page insights will help create a link between both.

Understanding The New Interface:
The new interface for AdWordsitself will take some time to get used to but the look of it makes shortcuts use to find what you want quickly. There is the ability to now search for what you need and run between campaigns, ads and ad groups efficiently. With more information on 1 screen, it allows for business goals to be achieved quickly. The important part of PPC advertising is the ability to adapt to the competitive landscape. This means that when a campaign is not performing as anticipated, your company needs to adjust the way in which the end goal is achieved. If your company wants to most importantly build brand awareness and secondary improve sales then the right campaigns must be used. Multiple campaign channels will help when they are linked and working together.

The Proper Channels:
Putting all your campaign dollar eggs into 1 basket may not be best for your company. This means that utilizing the different channels available is important which can include video, image, remarketing, search and shopping advertising. Each has a specific goal and are best suited for a need. Video is a great way to capture peoples attention quickly with motion and sound. It is cheap to use and is a different way to get your message across. Image ads are great to visually show what your company is offering and remarketing further utilizes this by showing a better “discount” to customers who have yet to convert. Search ads are the most expensive per click but have the highest conversion rates. They show up based on specific keywords your company wants to be shown for. Choosing the right channel(s) is important to make sure your goals are achieved.

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